Trying out baby pasta

Remember moi is eager beaver mom? Well, this Momma here who is all eager to let Bubba try out different textures decided to let her have a go at baby pasta. After-all  she wasn’t too interested with porridge and preferred biting more at harder stuff.  With just 2 tiny teeth that has just sprouted, my little gal is clearly more fascinated with chewing or ‘gumming’.

IMG_6723Picked up a box of Bellamy’s Pasta Stars and made a tablespoon of these for Bubba to try along with this Multicolour Casserole from Petit Bowl. Despite the casserole being packed with all these goodness, it didn’t appeal to Bubba at all. Well, I just gotta preserve in giving her greens.


IMG_6726To her credit, Bubba looked like she did enjoy the pasta neat before I added all the green stuff into the mix. It was then that she decided she had enough and well, the rest of the dish was history. I did try… so let’s see how it goes the next time.

IMG_6703And here’s my little gal who recently discovered popiah skin and has really taken a liking to it. She wasn’t interested in her dinner at all but when we offered the popiah skin to her (as we were having popiah for dinner), she quietly sat in her high-chair and finished 2 of these plain rolls.


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