A stunning meal at Jaan

Date nights have temporarily taken a back-seat when Bubba came along. Not that I’m complaining but sometimes I really wish I have more hours in the day to spend with her, the Man, Sparky and for myself. But obviously it’s almost impossible for that to happen so I do what I can and prioritise.

Date nights at Jaan used to be a monthly affair and I often looked forward to a lovely evening with the Man coupled with awesome food and decadent wine. But to be honest, these days, I’m so very tired that I’m not the best kind of company to be around once the clock strikes 9. I’m almost half-dead and just want to lie in bed and not think about anything.

So when the Man asked when should we pay another visit to our fave Chef at Jaan. I jumped at the possibility of having the date over at lunch instead. I mean, it’s easier to pass Bubba to the care-givers in the day rather than at night (she tends to get cranky at night) plus I much prefer to have a long lunch with wine proper and not feel too guilty for over-eating before heading off to bed.

IMG_6424And we executed the plan somewhat quite ingeniously. Put Bubba down for her morning nap, cleaned ourselves up and then headed to town for this over-due meal by our fave chef.

I also realised having a lunch-date meant that I could take pictures of Chef Julian’s spectacular dishes without worrying too much about lighting. Jaan still offers spectacular views of the city and with windows that surround a good part of the restaurant, it allowed for gorgeous lighting to come in without blinding our eyes.

IMG_6426I won’t do much of the talking/writing here. Will just relieve the amazing meal created by Chef with these pictures.
IMG_6428Beetroot Medley

IMG_6429I’ve always loved Chef’s special egg dish. This time round, he had brought back some Jamon Iberico ham from his travels and he created this egg dish with the Jamon wrapped around a slow-cooked egg served with black truffles. When this dish was served, I knew we were definitely in for a treat! It was absolutely delicious and this dish will go into my mental ‘Hall of Egg Fame’ where another egg-dish that the Chef has made before currently tops the list.


IMG_6434 IMG_6436 IMG_6439Have you ever had Kinmedai this way? Fish served with scales attached? Sounds a little strange but it actually tasted pretty darn good. The creamy lemongrass curry sauce was the perfect complement to the crunchy scaley fish that was flakey to the bite.

IMG_6443And the pigeon, this time served with foie-gras. Portion was small but just about right. I was stuffed but happy as I knew I had the rest of the day to slowly digest all this rich food that I had ingested and polished off.

IMG_6445We even found room for cheese which I usually will try to decline at this time if it was dinner. I really have to choose my calories wisely and this may not be the wise use of calories. But I have to say, this cheese! Very special indeed. It had all sorts of yummy nuts layered on the soft cheese. And it has been a while since we headed back that even the presentation of the cheese has changed! This serving of cheese was served with truffle ice-cream! Talk about decadence!

IMG_6449 IMG_6451The perfect ending to the meal! 🙂

We both agreed that the ambience is certainly a little different from the usual date-nights that we have but the company is all that mattered right? And it’s hard not to leave Bubba out of our conversation as we gushed about how just adorable she is and how lucky we are to have her in our lives.

Looking forward to the Spring menu at Jaan! I heard it’s really soon!

Oh and coincidentally, Jaan is no 11 on Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2014! Bookings are going to be harder to score at Jaan next time… so if you are thinking of going, don’t hesitate!


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