An apple a day..

keeps the doctor away.. so says Bubba.

IMG_6148I tried introducing Bubba to steamed apple puree but she had no love for it. Took a bite of it, spat it at me in disgust. Guess who ended up eating all the puree? That’s not all, the playgroup that we enrolled Bubba in also gave her applesauce but she barely touched it. So I wasn’t that hopeful reintroducing apple to Bubba again.

IMG_6149This time round, I decided to cut the apple into slices for her to play (all part of baby led weaning). Well, she did enjoy picking up the apple pieces, gnawed at them and eventually swallowing bits of it without showing me a face. Yay to baby steps of enjoying the fruit. Again, I can’t imagine her falling head over heels with apple as it could be that she’s teething so probably that’s why she had slightly more affection to the fruit. One can only hope she keeps this up..

Maybe next time I will try baked apple slices for her to play with.


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