Go team Sophie!

With my Mondays off slowly coming to an end, am really pleased to squeeze in an impromptu play-date with super-Momma Libby and her little gal, Sophie-Rose. I call her Super Momma cos she seemed to be juggling 101 things (her job, raising bebe Sophie and Benjy – her furkid, managing The Little Bow Company and keeping the household in order) while I pale in comparison trying to manage a few things at a time.

We were supposed to head to Fat Cat Ice-Cream Bar but the place wasn’t baby-friendly at all, so we ended up back at our fave coffee joint : Craftsmen over at Siglap V.

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. Little Sophie Rose is fast turning one and in a couple of months Bubba will follow suit. It’s been such a blessing to know this lovely girls and to develop a friendship from blogging followed by a common interest of shopping..hehe.IMG_5921And what better way to mark the budding friendship between these Sophie pals over food. Look at them eyeing steadily at the snacks. With them sharing the snacks/ food, it bought us Mamas some time to chat and discuss an exciting collaboration over at The Little Bow Company.

IMG_5924 IMG_5926

We are just putting the finishing touches to the project, so stick around to find out more. 🙂


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