Growing up..

My mom comes from a rather large family of 8 and I count myself lucky to grow up with not only my sisters but also my cousins. Sleepovers, pillow-fights, movie/shopping dates and holidays – those form a memorable part of my childhood and even though, we don’t hang out as often, I do enjoy the company of my cousins. My older cousins are like my elder sisters and I’m so glad that Bubba is the god-daughter of one of them.

IMG_5786I’m also really pleased that Bubba is really being loved by my family members and her aunts (ie: my sisters). That’s not all, she has her cousins that she can grow up together with and play with (in time to come). IMG_5787Her oldest cousin really dotes on her and it’s kinda cute seeing him hug and kiss her on her cheeks whenever Bubba is over at my mom’s.

IMG_5774And here are her god-sister and god-brother. Such a joy to see them finally acknowledging each other’s presence and somewhat interacting with one another. Looking forward to more play-dates to come.

IMG_5777Ta-dah and here we have a mini picture of all the kiddos in the house. They are each one year apart with Bubba being the youngest of the lot. Guess how many adults it took to try and stage this shot? Since we didn’t want an adult to ‘spoil’ the photo-opp, it was actually kinda nerve-wrecking trying to get the oldest ones to hold Bubba tight and make sure she doesn’t fall.


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