Going Bananas…

It’s been said that bananas are one of the easiest foods to introduce to a baby. So that’s what I did.. tried introducing Bubba to bananas one day. Did she fall head over heels with the fruit? Nah..

IMG_5854She took a bite of the banana, chomped at it and then decided she didn’t really like it and spat it out. It was quite hilarious to watch. Then it became a little frustrating as I desperately shoved the mashed banana with her cereal down into her mouth.

She has learned the art of spitting so I just persisted trying to feed and entice her with a new flavour.

IMG_5843Since we had a bunch of small bananas, I’m just gonna try and feed her with that for the next couple of days. The next day, I tried something different. I diced up the bananas hoping that she would get all excited about picking up the fruit while training her motor skills. Well, she did pick up the diced banana bits, put it into her mouth before spitting it out again.

Funny how she loves her flavoured banana puffs and flavoured banana cereal but don’t really like the real thing. Oh wells, let’s see how it goes with BLW. It’s a little harder than I thought.


4 thoughts on “Going Bananas…

  1. e says:

    Hmmm…I’m not so sure then. Both my pd and family doc reminded me abt bananas but they did not mention the size. Haha. I guess if S is not suffering from constipatio then it’s ok.

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