Finger licking good

Over the Lunar New Year, my Mom prepared a feast for our Reunion Dinner. Since our clan has significantly increased, dinner back at my folk’s home is a rather noisy affair and a squeezy one but always filled with so much joy and laughter.

Highlight for the meal was the chicken drumsticks that my Mom made for all her three grandchildren. Yup, Bubba had one whole steamed chicken drumstick all to herself.

IMG_5439Guess who couldn’t wait to get her tiny hands on the drumstick?IMG_5441Check out that grip!

IMG_5717And she attempts to take a bite off the chicken drumstick. Well, her first tooth has yet to sprout but having said that, her gums are real powerful. She manged to tear a chunk of the chicken drumstick before my dad panicked. So we tore her some chicken pieces off the drumstick for her to play with. IMG_5450She did manage to put some of the sliced chicken pieces into her mouth. The gag reflux is actually pretty common in baby-led weaning. What you will need to know is this:

Gagging, as opposed to choking, is actually a safety response to food travelling too far back into the mouth so when we see our babies gagging they are actually handling the problem and it’s best just to keep calm (or at least look calm) and wait until it passes. I give her a wee drink of water immediately afterwards which she seems to like.

(Source: Baby-Led Weaning)

I guess it’s only natural to panic when you see your child gagging. I’m guilty of that too and then I tell myself not to panic and let her slowly spit the food out. Of course, baby-led weaning is a new concept and there is more that I should read up in order to get my little one interested in food.

IMG_5451Guess who eventually got tired of the chewing and gnawing?

IMG_5452Hehe.. That’s all folks! Till the next edition of Bubba’s BLW adventures…


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