Letter to Sophie X 8

IMG_5400Dear Bubba,

Penning my 8th letter to you and wondering how quickly time has just passed us by. You have fallen pretty ill over the past couple of days and we were pretty much stuck at home most of the week plus weekend (no classes for you). Thankfully, you did manage to feel a little better for us to zip out of the house. Thus the excuse to put on a party dress and style you for this little shoot.

IMG_5402At 8 months, you truly are the apple of our eye and such a joy to be with. I look forward to waking up in the morning just a bit earlier than you so that I can stare at you for a little while before you stir from your sleep. Some nights when we put you to co-sleep with us, it’s funny how you get up slightly earlier than we do and you end up poking Mummy’s eyes to get attention from me. I don’t think it will be funny any longer if you use force to jab my eyes.

IMG_5412Your nickname that Daddy and I have given to you is ‘Baby No Sleep’. No need for further explanation I guess. You are still not sleeping through the night. Sigh.. we really tried to implement some what of a system to get you to sleep in the night. But all form of programming goes out of the window. Some days when I’m just so tired and you simply just roll around the bed, happily gurgling to yourself. I just look at my happy baby and wonder how is it that you survive on that little sleep. You don’t fall to sleep on your own and almost 10 out of the 10 times that we’ve put you in your cot, you protest in anger by screaming and crying like a banshee.

I just pray and hope that you will sleep better. For now, I am super duper thankful for your Gong Gong who seems to have the magic touch in putting you to sleep for your afternoon nap. You just fall asleep so comfortably on his shoulders with minimal protesting. I want some of his magic touch please.

IMG_5426We are still waiting for your tooth to sprout. It’s been a while and who knows it may still take a while for every baby is different. Despite you not having any teeth, I must say you do love your food. You love munching on bread and have gone on to try blueberries and carrot sticks. While I like to go real adventurous in giving you different flavours to try, I have also been told to reign myself in and not go crazy with letting you have all sorts of food. In your own time I guess. For now, I will just enjoy the process of letting you try something new every other time. Oh, did I mention the deterrent for letting you try new foods is largely due to food allergies? Man, they are a whole new ballgame altogether.

And yes, at 8 months, I finally decided to introduce Formula Milk to you. It was such a difficult decision to make because I had really, really wanted to breast-feed you till you turn one. But supply has been dropping fast and I feel that you really want more than what I can give. So the decision is to then supplement one of your feeds with formula. Well, sooner or later you will need to go on to formula milk. Perhaps with a fuller tummy, you might finally sleep through the night. One can only pray and hope!

Till the next letter, my little one.. continue to bring us joy and happiness in our lives. Grow strong and healthy too, my darling Bubba!

IMG_5433I can’t help but feel a touch bit emotional when I look at this photo. You suddenly look all grown up here.. where did my squishy little baby go?

xoxo: Mummy


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