Baby wearing: Part 3 (the finale – I hope)

Oops I did it again! Like seriously? Just how many carriers have I actually gotten? Just read Part 1 and Part 2 of this incidental series that should never have been a series in the first place! <facepalm>

But I think we finally nailed THE carrier for me! Yes, I found THE one! And it’s from Tula!

IMG_3684 Actually, prior to jumping on the Tula bandwagon, I was really happy with my Ergo baby carrier. Although a tad bit bulky, it suited my needs UNTIL Libby suggested that I try on her Tula carrier when we met up for breakfast one day. And boy, was it comfortable after strapping on Bubba in it! The weight was evenly distributed around my waist rather than on my back and I didn’t feel an aching strain on my shoulders. It was easy to put on and Bubba was a happy camper.

I was sold on the carrier and fell in love with just how comfy it was. But do I really need ANOTHER carrier? Well, obviously no.. but could I resist not getting my hands on a Tula that has all these yummi-licious designs? Well, again NO and I caved in.IMG_2927While I may not be a Tula fanatic, I did check out the Tula website to stalk the designs that they stocked. Apparently some of the designs get sold off so quickly the moment it’s listed. ‘Blink-and-you-might-miss’ the design that you wanna get.

I was going to go for the Pink Zig Zag – Tula carrier but then they listed the Up and Away Tula carrier in this gorgeous Michael Miller print that I so love from before. I was worried about the print being too loud and that it wouldn’t match my wardrobe. I was torn as to which Tula carrier I should get as I really didn’t want to splurge on yet another carrier, this was going to be my last carrier (fingers/ toes all crossed)! So after a discussion with the Tula expert herself, I decided ‘what the heck’, go with the print that I oh-so-love then! Popped the Up and Away carrier in the cart and it became a Christmas present for myself in 2014.

IMG_3685Oh and not to mention, the accessories meant for the Tula carrier are all so crazy cute!! They have these cute hoodie hoods complete with bows, spikes and rabbit ears; drool pads and reach straps. Again, do I really need those? No, but but but, it would be so cute to have them. So I caved in again and got a customised hoodie hood for my Up and Away tula. The Man brought it back from his recent US trip and it was really so adorable.

IMG_4763The choices you get for customising your very own hood are endless and mind-boggling. I spent days pondering hard which colour combi I should have gone with for my hood. I didn’t want one that was too pink, so I went with the same Up and Away balloon design and a simple teal base with teal bows.IMG_4764

IMG_3686Oh and did I mention, I was so pleased with the customised drool pads that the ever-talented Mama Libby from The Little Bow Company has helped to make for me. Waiting for the matchy drool pads to be made as well.

And that my friends, conclude my baby-wearing chronicles for I believe, yes, I found the perfect carrier!

Read all about Mama Libby’s baby-wearing experience and drool over her gorgeous Tulas here.


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