Weekend stay-cation

The Man was away for work so for the past 2 weekends, I packed my bags and went back to my parents to stay. It was nice staying back home as it’s usually packed with all my siblings and nephews who also stay over at my parents on a weekly basis.

IMG_4648Dragged the youngest sister for breakfast with the young ones at Pick Me Up Cafe. The kids were more excited about the ice-cream then the waffles. It was also the first time we brought all the kiddos out but thankfully, we survived the trip. 🙂 Phew!

IMG_4652The next day, we checked out Tian Kee (another hipster cafe around the hood) with my younger sister and the nephew. Took him to play at this retro playground around the hood as well.

IMG_4656It’s actually pretty nice to head back to my parents home to stay for the weekend. The grandparents spoiled Bubba and my nephews silly but they also took on bulk of the baby-sitting duties so that I can go hang out with my sisters for a much-needed coffee and chat. That’s not all, Mummy always whips up a feast and brews tonics for me and my sisters when we stay over. Feel super loved!

Thanks Ma and Pa for 2 lovely weekends looking after us. 🙂


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