I say potato… sweet potato (that is)

Moving on from avocado, I’m off to introduce Sweet Potatoes back to Bubba. This time round, I’m doing a 3-day rule whereby I give Bubba the same food for 3 days, observe for any food allergies and then introduce a new item to her.

IMG_4439 Bubba has had sweet potato before but the Japanese ones are so ex. Thanks to a tip-off from R (Blissfully Tyrant) on Instagram, I’ve gone on to purchase sweet potatoes from Vietnam which happen to be pretty sweet which she enjoyed. This caught my eye at the supermarket the other day and I decided to cart it home.
IMG_4454Unlike Mama Libby who whips up these yummilicious meals for her Sophie doll (with no help), this Mama here has been real lazy. I promise to be a little more hardworking so that Bubba can have more exciting meals. In the meantime, I only have time to serve up these sweet potato sticks to Bubba steamed with some puree into her brown rice cereal.

IMG_4455Bubba loves playing and exploring with her food, so this keeps her entertained during meal times. But more importantly, it also helps to train her motor skills (ie: picking up her food and putting it into her mouth).
IMG_4458While she seemed to enjoy the steamed sweet pototoes, it does end up becoming quite mushy for her. So we tried baking them as it ends up becoming firmer. The next time I serve this to her, perhaps I will try rolling them with baby oats. So let’s see.


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