Little Innoscents & BioShield for Bubba

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IMG_2403 After this post where I tried out the Bio-Shield Kiddie Spray as well as some of the Little Innoscents products, the good folks at All Organic and Natural sent us a lovely pack of more organic goodies for Bubba to try! Timing was impeccable if I may add for it was just before our little get-away to Phuket and I was fretting about packing her toiletries. When I packed them all, the Man just gave me a look and went, ‘1 kg of toiletries for a 4-day getaway? Seriously?!’ Well, one can never be too prepared right?!

Here are the goodies that we received:

IMG_2404Bio Shield Kiddie Organic spray (100ml) : S$23.30
A vitamin based, dermatologist-tested body protectant, Bio Shield Kiddie safely and temporarily protects the skin of children as young as babies from toxins, bacteria and allergens in areas where they are most likely to fester. Formulated with natural ingredients, this topical body protectant spray is developed to maintain and enhance the skin’s natural immune functions.

IMG_2419Sounds like a power-packed bottle of goodness to protect Bubba on-the-go. Now that she is a little more mobile, I do get a little paranoid about the stuff that she randomly picks up and stuffs into her mouth. On top of the normal wet wipes, I have anti-bacterial wet-wipes, hand-and-mouth wet-wipes, pacifier wet-wipes, etc.. you know what I mean.

I like this handy spray that I can just stuff into our diaper bag. A quick spritz or two of the Bio Shield Kiddie over Bubba helps to protect her from the germs for it kills 99.9% of germs naturally. It’s alcohol-free, non-greasy and the formula is easily absorbed into the skin providing a protective layer for the user. We used the spray rather liberally on our travel. I sprayed Bubba in the airplane, upon arrival to Phuket and when we were in the taxi. I know that I can’t keep Bubba in a bubble forever and that there will always be germs in the environment but this spray can help protect her and minimise her exposure to germs, which is good enough for me.

On top of that, we received lovely goodies from the Little Innoscents range:

Little Innoscents products are Australian made with 100% Natural, Pure and Organic ingredients. Completely free from Toxic Chemicals, Parabens and all other little hidden nasties.


Little Innoscents Sun Lotion (100ml) : S$21.30
Bubba was going to make her debut to the pool during our fam trip to Phuket. So ahead of the trip, I had to prepare not only her swim gear but also sun screen to protect her from the hards UVA/ UVB rays. There aren’t many sunscreen lotion out in the market that’s available for babies so this sun lotion from Little Innoscents suited our needs.  Free from chemical absorbers and suitable for all skin types, this sun lotion is safe to use on children from 6 months of age.

This zinc-based sunscreen is free from nanoparticles and I like that they use natural ingredients of Aloe Vera and Calendula which makes the lotion lightly scented when applied on Bubba’s skin.IMG_2501The sun screen is easy to apply as well as easily absorbed into Bubba’s skin. It doesn’t leave behind a sticky white residue that some sun screens do. This product is the top of my shopping list especially for our hot and humid weather in Singers so it’s best to apply and protect Bubba’s soft skin to prevent any harsh exposure to the sun’s rays especially now that we intend to bring her to the pool more often.

IMG_2409Little Innoscents Travel Pack
This travel pack couldn’t have come at a better time! Seriously! It has all the best of the Little Innoscents products in small packaging. For the trip, I simply just brought the whole pack along for Bubba which consisted of the Organic Baby Hair & Body Wash, Organic Baby Moisturising Lotion, Organic Baby Intensive Soothing Cream (which I used as diaper cream) and Organic Winter Blues Vapour Balm.

Majority of the Little Innoscents bath range is made from plant materials and naturally-derived plant extracts so the range of products are usually pH balanced and ideal for daily use on babies even those with skin conditions such as eczema.

The Man was in charge of Bubba’s bath time ritual so he was the primary user of the products.

Verdict? Well, he didn’t quite like the Hair & Body Wash for he felt that it didn’t foam as much as the ones that we used for Bubba back home. The Little Innoscents Hair & Wash is a low-suds bath gel that is infused with the essential oils of Sweet Orange, with anti-inflammatory properties, and Sandalwood, with its anti-septic properties. If you are used to those foaming types of hair and body wash, you may have the same response as the Man but let me tell you that despite the low-suds quality, it still did the job of cleaning Bubba up well.

Next, the Organic Baby Moisturising Lotion. Infused with a light floral scent of Ylang Ylang and packed with the luxuriant oils of avocado and sunflower, this moisturising lotion helps provide all skin types with the necessary hydration, nourishment and protection for your baby.

Diaper creams are a must-have in my diaper bag and in the list of Bubba’s toiletries. The Organic Baby Intensive Soothing Cream sounds like a miracle cream that can not only soothe sore bottoms but also insect bites, eczema and even minor wounds. This cream contains the astringent and antiseptic properties of the Rosewood essential oil which will take care of a variety of skin issues, the healing properties of Calendula extract and the creamy Shea Butter as a base. That’s not all, have you ever come across a delicious-smelling diaper cream? Well, this one is.

Days before we went on our holiday, Bubba came down with a viral fevet and then a cough and a cold. Triple whammy! I brought along the Vicks Vapour Rub but this Organic Winter Blues Vapour Balm was much better. Gentle on sinuses, I warmed Bubba’s body by rubbing her little feet and chest with the Vapour Balm that’s has essential oils of Wintergreen and Eucalyptus. Many of similar vapour balms available in the market out there may not be ideal on babies but this Vapour Balm is for it’s 100% natural and has a low allergen ingredients that is also safe for babies with sensitive skin!

IMG_2407Little Innoscents Massage Oil (125 ml): S$16.90
I do enjoy giving Bubba a massage occasionally before she heads off to bed. This works especially when she’s cranky before bedtime. The baby massage ritual helps me bond with her plus the essential oils of Spearmint, Lavender, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange helps calm her and hopefully lull her to sleep.

This massage oil is suitable for all skin types and even grown-ups. I’ve heard it may work wonders on mummies who need a stretch mark oil to soothe the stretched skin. Yay to sharing toiletries with Bubba then for this.

IMG_2406Little Innoscents Mineral Powder (100g) : S$11.60
I’ve been using this on Bubba when I noticed that she has some heat rash around her neck area. It has helped soothe the redness plus keep her cool. I love that the scent of the powder is different from your usual baby powder available in the market. The Lavender and Spearmint essential oils not only give it a sweet scent but also make this powder ideal for adults to use without smelling too overly baby-ish (if you know what I mean). Other uses that you can explore with this mineral powder include chaffing, heat rash, stinky feet plus restoring shine to dull and greasy hair. Miracle powder yeah?

Little Innoscents Goat’s Milk and Manuka Honey Soap : S$8.30
Honestly, I’m not a big fan of bar soaps so when I received this, I didn’t know if I wanted to let Bubba use this. Guess what? I didn’t. In the end, I kept it for myself and used it to wash and cleanse my make-up brushes.

I cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning your make-up tools especially brushes regularly. I used to do it rather frequently before Bubba came along. With her arrival, I’ve been a little lazy but I still bring out the tools once a month to wash them and always with a gentle soap. Steps on how to do so can be found here.

This soap containing goat’s milk and manuka honey, is designed for delicate and sensitive skin. Manuka honey is generally used for treating minor wounds and burns and has antibacterial properties, with studies showing its effectiveness in fighting infection and promoting healing. Goat’s milk contains lactic acid which helps in breaking down dead skin cells, allowing skin to naturally rejuvenate. It is also packed with vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, B and C, amino acids, citric acids as well as unsaturated fatty acids. On top of that, it has a PH level similar to that of our skin!

I figured if this is good enough for our skin, it’s good enough to cleanse my delicate brushes that would be used on my skin as well. Will keep this soap around and who knows I may just use it on Bubba one day.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. It’s a little long but these products have been pretty useful to us and our little one. Do keep a look out for these organic baby skincare products that’s made available to everyone at such pocket-friendly prices.

You can get your hands on the Bio Shield and The Little Innoscents range at NTUC Finest, 1010 Mother & Child Essentials or simply shop online at


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the above-mentioned products from All Organic and Natural to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

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