Bubba’s First Swim

After our failed attempt to bring Bubba for her first swim in Phuket, we managed to bring her for her very first swim with our pals.

IMG_3411Guess who looked a little stoned from the entire episode? I guess she didn’t know what was going to hit her. Hehe..IMG_3413And guess who was more excited than Bubba? The Man, of course. Proud Daddy bringing his little gal down for her first dip.IMG_3414Bubba did take a while to warm up to being in a new weightless environment. Was afraid it was going to be cold for her but I guess the wet-suit from Mothercare helped to keep her warm. We also got her this floatation device and our friends thought we were a tad bit crazy, but well, it worked!IMG_3418


The swim was kinda short because #kancheong Mummy here was worried she would catch a cold (heard too many stories). Nevertheless, I’m already looking forward to bringing her for her next swim with her cousins soon.


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