Simple dinner: Tomato Rice

Yes, am heading back to the kitchen with simple meals when the MIL wasn’t in town. Actually, I didn’t really cook but I tasked the helper to follow the recipes for simple meals that she could whip up in a jiffy. This whole tomato rice recipe had been one that I’ve been wanting to try as it made waves on my social media feeds.

Here’s the original recipe that you could follow:

And here’s our version at home! Instead of just the tomato rice, I threw in some shimeiji mushrooms, chopped chicken pieces upon the recommendation of a friend.

IMG_1076That’s not all! Because I really liked my dishes to have loads of ingredients in it, I threw in corn and edamame on top of the rice when it was done.


IMG_1078Simply mix all the ingredients up and viola! Made for a simple one-pot meal for a lazy night in.

IMG_1090Improvements that I would probably make to this dish? Use a larger tomato! The one we used was a little too small for our 2 cups of rice portion. As a result, the tomato flavour wasn’t that strong. But thankfully, we had chilli to the rescue!


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