Trying out yogurt

‘When can babies take yogurt? Can babies take yogurt before the age of 1? What if baby is allergic to dairy?’ are but some of the questions that never came across my mind until my sis cautioned me.

Like I said, I’m an eager beaver mum and was all excited about exposing Bubba to different flavours. Yogurt was next on the cards for some friends have shared how their babies have fallen in love with yogurt. I was hopeful that Bubba would feel the same way about yogurt as I do (ie: I do love yogurt).

Did some research on giving babies yogurt and thought I just list it down for reference (Source: BabyCenter) :


Most babies can start eating plain, unsweetened, pasteurized, whole-milk yogurt after they start eating solids – at around 6 months. Plain Greek yogurt is fine too (and the more live cultures, the better for your baby’s stomach).

A couple of “don’t” that you may wish to make note of:

  • Don’t make yogurt the main feature of your baby’s diet in the first year. It should be just one small part of a varied diet of solids.
  • Don’t sweeten yogurt with honey for a baby younger than 12 months. Honey contains bacteria that can cause botulism in children that age.
  • Don’t offer reduced-fat or fat-free yogurt before age 2 unless your doctor advises it. Babies need the calories from fat.
  • Don’t serve flavored yogurt to your baby. Buy plain yogurt and add fruit at home if you like. Almost all commercial yogurt is sweetened with sugar or another sweetener. Check the label: Even “fruit” yogurt almost always contains added sweetener, as does yogurt spiked with vanilla and other flavorings. If there’s sweetener in it, leave it on the shelf.


Food allergies
Now on to food allergies, this has been one of my concerns. How would I know if Bubba is allergic to diary products since it’s the first time we are exposing her to different kinds of food? Well, here are some tips I found online that have been helpful.

  • If your baby has been diagnosed with a milk allergy or shows signs of an allergy of any kind (such as eczema), don’t give him yogurt until you’ve checked with your baby’s doctor.
  • As with any new food, wait at least three days after introducing yogurt before moving on to another new food. That way your baby’s body has time to adjust, and you can watch for a reaction.
  • If your child develops a rash around her mouth, seems unusually fussy, or has diarrhea after eating yogurt, check with the doctor. These are all signs of an allergic reaction and may be related to milk protein or additives in the yogurt.
  • If you add pureed fruit to yogurt, choose fruit that your baby has already tasted and tolerated.

Why is it okay to feed babies yogurt but not milk?
Babies typically start taking solids around 4 to 6 months but breastmilk or formula still makes up most of their diet. Solids then gradually become a larger part of it during the rest of the first year. Also, babies tend to eat small amounts of yogurt unlike milk, where they tend to gulp it down faster. Too much calcium from cow’s milk may slow down iron absorption plus cow’s milk is not nutritionally equal to breast milk or formula.

IMG_3704What kinds of yogurt to get for babies?
Thanks to some tips from Mama friends, I managed to hunt down these brands of yogurt made specifically for babies. It did take a while but I got the Mundella yogurt for babies and toddlers (available at Cold Storage) as well as the Stonyfield Organic Yo Baby yogurt (got it from Super Nature).

IMG_3910 I would recommend to go with the Mundella yogurt if you are feeding your baby with yogurt for the first time because you will not know if he/she loves yogurt and honestly, they only take at most 3-4 spoonfuls of these so the rest of the yogurt will have to be consumed by the parents. If you don’t like yogurt in the first place, guess where this will end up?

Obviously, I learned the hard way. I got the Mundella yogurt for the home and a pack of 6 Stonyfield Organic Yo Baby yogurt for my Mom since Bubba spend Sundays there. The latter brand of yogurt cost me S$15.90! I didn’t realise how expensive it was until I got to the cashier. By then, it was a little too late to back out of the purchase, so I paid for it and remained in shock at the price-tag. My mom laughed at me and told me chances are that she will have to consume all the yogurt as she is almost pretty sure that Bubba won’t fall head-over-heels with yogurt.IMG_4094Mama Libby also recommended this Barambah Organics Whole Milk Yoghurt which she had tried on her bub. I found this at Cold Storage (Kallang) but given that Bubba had a little allergic reaction to yogurt previously, I decided against getting this to try. Perhaps when she is slightly older, I will give it another go.

So what was Bubba’s verdict of the yogurt?
I will let the pictures do the talking..

IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802Sparky was way more excited about the yogurt compared to Bubba. He happily volunteered to be Bubba’s personal cleaner and licked off the excess yogurt from her face. I would have stopped him from licking her obviously, but he was simply too quick for me. The next time I feed her yogurt, no more Mama-razzi…

IMG_3911This was the second time I tried feeding Bubba yogurt at my Mom’s place where she spends Thursdays. I dropped her off earlier and managed to feed her a little yogurt before I left for work.

IMG_3912Again, her facial expressions were hilarious and I’m glad I managed to capture them.

IMG_3915 IMG_3916

I noticed after the third time of feeding her yogurt that she developed some mild rashes around her mouth area after consuming the yogurt. Turned out she may be allergic to the food additives present in the yogurt. While it didn’t stay for long to be of concern, I guess we will be laying off yogurt for a while until she’s slightly older to try again. Will update.


3 thoughts on “Trying out yogurt

  1. Mstomrsangela says:

    Thanks mummy for sharing this. Was researching if babies could try yoghurt and it was great to chance upon your blog about this.

  2. Shah says:

    Hi, Your blog is very informative. Would you like to suggest places buy yogurt for baby? I tried getting Stonyfield in FairPrice/Cold Storage and no luck 😦

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