Miss these play dates

One of the things I love about blogging is getting to know some really lovely people. One of them that I’ve been blessed to meet and eventually became fast friends with is Mag. Turned out we worked pretty close to one another and with our pregnant bumps, we met up to exchange tales while scoffing down yummy tehs into our bellies.

Thereafter, we proceeded to have our little girls and lunch-dates evolved to play-dates with our little ones.

IMG_2081It’s actually kinda nice to have a fellow Mama friend to exchange tales of Motherhood or rather Muddlehood. In between the cries for help on What’s App, we do have those lighthearted moments as well.

IMG_4192Our little babies have grown as well. They are about 6 weeks apart, so it’s kinda cute seeing them grow up. From fellow diaper mates, they are now sharing snacks with one another. Aww..

IMG_4188 IMG_4187 IMG_4186 IMG_4200Baby Ash is real adorable and I can’t wait for them to eventually play with one another proper.

IMG_4197And the moment that we have both been waiting for! Both gals off to sleep! Whee….

IMG_4196So Mamas here can go shopping in peace! Hard to imagine just last year, we were both touting our pregnant bumps and causing a couple of stares when we headed out. We probably did the same the other day baby-wearing our girls. #thethingswedo

Will definitely miss these mama and babies playdates when Mag heads back to work full-time next week and my off on Mondays officially end in about a 1.5 month’s time. But I guess the next time we meet each other, we can have a proper conversation and eat using both of our hands instead of fussing over the gals.


One thought on “Miss these play dates

  1. Mag says:

    Awww, big hugs! I’m going to miss these play dates too but we can always take leave 😉

    And yay to lunches where we can have proper conversations! See you soon!

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