Letter to Sophie X 7

IMG_3311Dear Baby Girl,

Am a little late with this post even though I have been quite diligent with the monthly photo-taking. It’s just coming up with the actual post takes some work around it. Oops…

Let’s do things a little differently for this post, shall we? Let me list down the things that we’ve observed about you:

IMG_3321Recognition skills
You’ve definitely recognise people more now. You get all excited when Daddy and I come to you after work. I like to think that you reserve the brightest and widest smiles for us both. 🙂 Sometimes when I walk away from you, you protest by wailing but stop almost immediately when I carry you. Well, at least you know who Mummy is.

Sigh.. I believe the time has come for your little teeth to sprout out. You start biting everything and putting everything in sight into your tiny mouth. That’s not all, you suddenly stopped sleeping long stretches through the night the past week and would wake up crying or screaming. Well, I tried weaning you off your night feed so we fed you water. You drank the water with much gusto only to realise that it’s not milk but water. You started to cry but Daddy manage to pacify you. It worked all of one night! The other night when we tried to do this again, you protested in anger and cried for almost 1.5 hours. Thereafter, our nights have been in a state of blur. I seriously want this teething phase to be over and for us to go back to regular programming, please… #thistooshallpass

IMG_3551Crawling & Standing:
You are getting so much better and faster at crawling. Your little bum bum twitch in the cutest little way as you steadily make your way through the room on the playmat. We’ve also seen you in action pulling yourself up when we placed you inside the playpen. You are no longer contented just rolling around. Instead, you pull yourself up to face up while nibbling on the bed rails. Arh well. The impetus for you to do this was when we left you in your cot to sleep on your own. You refused of course, wailed and screamed the roof down, then you pulled your little body up to stand and continued screaming until we came to you. When we saw that, we freaked out and 2 days later, Daddy lowered your cot for safety reasons.

IMG_3307On Sleep Training:
Unfortunately, we never prevailed in sleep training and you have now become a permanent resident on our bed. Well, I did attempt to trick and evict you back to your cot but you are a smart little one and protested by screaming. Obviously, my poor little heart couldn’t take it. So my back shall suffer for now. But in a couple of weeks time, back to the cot, you shall go.

IMG_3722Despite all the mayhem that you occasionally create and give us, you continue to bring us so much joy and happiness whenever we see you. So continue to smile my dear Bubba.

Love you with all of my heart: Mummy


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