Poolzies: pool shoes!

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The highlight of our recent family holiday was supposed to be Bubba’s first swim! We were all set to bring her out to hit the pool but you know what they say about best laid plans? Oh well… She had a fever 2 days before the trip and then came down with a cough and a cold. The Man wanted to be safe so all that fancy gear that we got her for this big trip? Well, it will take another day for it to see the light.

Having said that, we were determined not for this incident to spoil the holiday so guess what this crazy Mummy here did? Well, introducing Bubba’s new pair of beach holiday shoes – Poolzies!

IMG_3147Mummy, what’s this?

The concept behind Poolzies:

Poolzies® was founded by Steve & Pia, an expat couple based in Singapore, who have always dreamt of having their own business.

Their idea for Poolzies® was seeded one very hot sunny day, while on a family holiday, at a water park with their 18 month old son, Aiden. The ground around the park was just too hot to walk on, especially for Aiden, so they popped into the shop to find some cooling gel and happened upon a pair of shoes designed for wearing around the pool and bought a pair. After that their little boy wore them every time he went to a swimming pool or water play.

Within a few months they had worn out and needed a new pair but couldn’t find any in Singapore or elsewhere in Asia and didn’t really want to travel all the way back to their holiday location just for some shoes. They had been noticing that whenever they went swimming, a lot of parents were asking them about Aiden’s pool shoes, hence their idea formed of turning it into a business. To be able to produce pool shoes using the best quality durable materials along with the comfort, versatility and convenience of knowing their children can use them until they grow out of them.

Being parents has changed Steve & Pia’s outlook and priorities in life. Parents value safety as the first priority in any activity and their pool shoes might be one of the answers to preventing kids slipping and falling accidents around pool areas, bathrooms, water parks, beaches and even indoor and outdoor play areas.

Both parents are strong advocates of pool safety and are now reaching out to local pool instructors, clubs and schools to encourage the use of anti slip footwear for young children.

IMG_3149Food? Is it food?IMG_3150

IMG_3151New kicks for the beach get-away

Adding on to her growing shoe collection, this fun pair of shoes is great for protecting her tiny feet whenever we brought her out of the room. The older folks generally like to chide us and will want us to wear socks for Bubba when we bring her out. I find wearing the socks a little cumbersome as it tends to fall off when she twists and turns and I end up with just one sock at the end of the day. So I like to protect Bubba’s feet with soft pre-walker shoes like leather mocs and now these Poolzies shoes for the beach/ pool.

IMG_2501Our little fashionista (complete with a slight frown) with her onesie, Babiators and Poolzies. See, you don’t necessarily have to hit the waters in order to put on these cute shoes that are simply perfect for the beach, the great outdoors or just lounging around by the pool.

IMG_3156Now to put these Poolzies to the test with our little model posing for us in the pool!


More about Poolzies:

Durable, with a non-slip and abrasion resistant sole, Poolzies® Pool Shoes prevent slips, falls and cuts while protecting Bubba’s feet from hot surfaces. I have a thing about feet being exposed to wet, grubby surfaces for it’s a breeding ground for infection. So a key concern would be protection for Bubba’s feet. When she’s out of the water, I simply remove the shoes and dry her feet with a towel. That’s not all, the fabric that Poolzies are made with also has a UPF 50+ protection from the sun.

Stretchable, Poolzies® Pool Shoes fit pretty snugly around Bubba’s feet. We took the 6 – 12 months size which still had a lot of room to grow on Bubba’s feet. Yay! That means that she can wear these shoes for a longer time as well. What’s good to note is that she hasn’t started walking yet but it’s soft and flexible fabric closely mimics barefoot walking. This is really helpful as it will give Bubba the ability to move effortlessly when she attempts to walk. 

Lightweight, Poolzies® Pool Shoes allow Bubba’s feet to breathe for they are soft and comfy. They are easy to put on and to remove. Another vain point to add, they also look strikingly fashionable on her tiny feet. 

IMG_3155Strike a pose!

Shopping deal for Poolzies:
To get your hands on a pair of Poolzies, you can order them here and there are 10 different designs that you can choose from. Key in the code ‘PZXMAS15OFF’ to enjoy 15% off your shopping purchase. Offer valid till 31 January 2015.

I selected the Mythical Happiness design for Bubba for it’s so pink but not in a girly kind of way. Plus, the bright pop of pink stood out so much so that people have stopped to ask what shoes she was wearing. When I proudly proclaimed Poolzies – Pool Shoes! They took a second look at the item in wonder.


Thanks Pia from Poolzies for sending this funky pair of pool shoes for Bubba. It’s now the top shoe to don in Bubba’s wheel of shoes and we will be wearing them out to the beach or when she can hit the pool proper!


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a pair of Poolzies pool shoes to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

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