Checking out: Pick Me Up Cafe

Hello folks..  The Man and I were feeling a little better from the bout of food poisoning and then the cough/cold/fever for the Man, so we decided to make the most of the weekend to head on out with Bubba for some brunch. IMG_2966Bubba can sit up steadily these days, so I took the opportunity to dress her up in this cute Sapling onesie along with her pink bow. I love the lace details on this bodysuit!

We decided to check out Pick Me Up Cafe at Parkland Green for I’ve heard that the waffles there are pretty good.

IMG_2968At about 10ish in the morning, the cafe was pretty packed with families all waiting to tuck into their brunch offerings. Tables are packed pretty close to one another but there is ample space for us to park our nifty Zen Yoyo stroller.

IMG_2969Bubba feeling a little stoned and waiting to be put to sleep for her morning nap but we dragged her out anyway. Hehe..

IMG_2970We shared the Smoked Duck sandwich with cranberry sauce with multi-grain bread which was very good. It reminded me of the hearty bread from BreadTalk.

IMG_2971Guess who got cranky and decided to join us at the table? She’s in a phase and has gotten pretty flexible. Here’s a shot of her stuffing her shoes into her mouth. Very unladylike. Tsk…

IMG_2977The star of the breakfast has gotta be this Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Bonito Flakes, Miso savory waffle. The waffle was done really well, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and I love how the smoked salmon eaten with the runny egg and the waffle taste inside my mouth. The Man thought this combo was a little too fishy for him but though the combo sounds strange, I actually did like it. I would come back again for those sweet waffles another time.


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