Traveling to Phuket with Bubba

Before baby came along, the Man was never one for travelling with a kid. ‘It would be too troublesome. What would baby know anyway? Just leave baby at home. Baby will not travel till he/she is 15! etc‘ are just some of the phrases I’ve heard him say over and over again.

Of course, when Bubba came along. We didn’t do just that. In fact, even though it was a little more challenging to bring baby along with us during our travels, we do love having her around as we get to spend almost 24/7 with her. I think the Man secretly enjoys this as well given that he has crazy working hours and even when he is home, he doesn’t get her undivided attention. So a get-away is perfect for us to spend time with one another.

IMG_2572Waking up to this cute face first thing in the morning is something we really look forward to, so we really can’t bear to be away from her for long.

IMG_2787Of course, beach holidays with Bubba are anything but relaxing for us now. Gone are the days where we can just wake up late, have a leisure breakfast, book daily massage sessions, lounge by the pool with beers in tow, finish a couple of books, sundowners cocktails, long romantic dinners and movie nights in.

IMG_2788She takes shorter naps these days so we had to find things to do with her to keep her occupied. She’s also in a crawling phase so the moment we put her down, she’s busy attempting to crawl from our clutches.

On tips to travel with a young baby, I did share them here previously when Bubba made her first trip to Tokyo when she was 3.5 months. But here are some learnings that I have for a family holiday to Phuket if you are interested:


a) Book a family friendly resort
We stayed at the Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa Hotel which is touted to be family friendly.  They have a great Kids Club facility and baby pool that’s shallow enough for kiddos to wade in. When the housekeeping was cleaning up our room, we hung out at the Kids Club and Bubba had a whale of a time climbing around these marine leather creatures. The Kids Club also ran kids activities in the morning and the afternoon and this is ideal if she’s a little bigger and can participate in these activities.

IMG_2497b) Dining in
We haven’t quite gotten Bubba on an eating schedule. She’s still on cereals and we have introduced some purees to her. For this holiday, as she wasn’t well. Her doc advised us to stop solids and just continue feeding her with milk. But I did pack some of her cereal along on the trip. Staying in a family friendly resort meant that they have high-chairs and kids cutlery that we could use for Bubba. Additionally, we didn’t venture out at all for our meals and we are glad that the Thai Restaurant on the hotel’s ground satisfied our Thai cravings.


c) Baby-wearing
We bravely ditched the stroller at home for this trip and opted to baby-wear Bubba most of the time. The Man loves to baby-wear his little girl and she just loves snuggling close to him. I swear the baby carrier has some kind of sleepy dust for she drifts off to sleep quite quickly after the Man baby-wears her. We managed to zip off to a shopping mall and indulge in a couple of hours of quick shopping while baby-wearing her. Tough on the Man’s back but well, he enjoys it.

IMG_2553d) Book hotel transfers
We travel to Phuket quite a fair bit for holidays so we are pretty used to navigating the whole transportation upon arrival into Phuket. What we hadn’t realised is that during the year-end holidays, it can get pretty busy at the Airport. We tried making our way to the hotel on our own with luggage and Bubba in tow by taking the local taxis which were way cheaper but the haphazard queues for the local taxis made it quite stressful. It would have been easier on us if we simply relied on the hotel’s transport who would pick us up right at the arrival gate.

IMG_2728e) Be flexible
The Man and I had food poisoning during the holiday and it seriously was so not funny. I was vomiting and had the runs. I felt weak and was seriously worried that Bubba would fall sick along with us as well. Thankfully, she didn’t. On top of that, I was worried about supply issues since I couldn’t eat anything at all. We decided to cut short our trip by a day and return home so as to seek proper medical attention. The air-tickets that the Man purchased for this trip was on a special fare and we ended up topping the fare so as to get on the plane. Lesson learned from this episode? Purchase open tickets when traveling with Bubba. You’ll never know when you need to go home urgently so with the open tickets, if any changes need to be done, we don’t have to pay a penalty for doing so.

That’s about it on traveling with a little one on a beach getaway. As to where Bubba will head next for her holiday? Well, we haven’t quite planned for that yet. Will have to leave this with the Man. So watch this space. 🙂


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