Moving on to play

I count myself lucky for being able to clear my leave and working a 4-day week since my maternity leave has ended. I feel that the extra day that I spend with Bubba has really allowed me to bond with her. So I make use of the extra day off to go on play-dates or just hang around with her. This arrangement will end in March so I try to make the best out of this situation and one of the things that I have been itching to do was to go for classes with her. So when she turned 6 months, we went in search of a playgroup that we could go along with her.

She started her playgroup session this week and I felt like a nervous parent wondering if she would be able to settle in school (actually it’s just playgroup, for goodness sake). Her session starts at 9am and I had to worry about logistics (ie: will she be able to wake up in time, will she be able to sit through the 1.5hr session, what if she has a meltdown, what about traffic, etc.)

IMG_3014Mummy! It’s too early!

Thankfully, the Man accompanied us for her first session. That was a relief for me as I drive uber slow and if Bubba has one of her crying fits in the car-ride, that would stress me out tremendously.

IMG_3019When we arrived at our destination, these two gave me their brightest smiles which made for a great photo opp for her first playgroup session. #crazymummy

IMG_3023This particular playgroup that we had signed Bubba up for is an adult-accompanied session. We discussed on the arrangement and it would be a shared responsibility between us both. Since I get Mondays off, I would bring Bubba for the session. As for the session that takes place over the weekend, either the Man or I would take turns to bring her. I hadn’t expected the Man to come along with us today but he wanted to check out how the programme for the session would be structured.

I was actually really happy he came along for we were able to take turns to accompany Bubba at the different parts of the session.

IMG_3067At 6.5 months, Bubba is the youngest in this particular playgroup. I wonder if the session would do her any good and only time will tell but I really do enjoy doing the different activities with her. The Man kept her company most of the time and that extra pair of hands came in handy when it came to the play session at the playground. Being the active one in our relationship, this activity is totally up the Man’s alley.

IMG_3029IMG_3068The session is split into different segments and the child is exposed to different structures that involve largely play, music, story-telling, activity/handicraft and even snacks.

IMG_3051Here’s another shot of Bubba playing with the toys during the playtime segment. The programme doesn’t really stress so much about interaction with other children but more importantly for Bubba to be exposed to the play and learning environment. Well, since we already signed up for 1 term of this, let’s see how she will fare after the 10 weeks of play.

Like I shared earlier, I was really worried about Bubba making it through the 1.5 hr long session for the session was right in the middle of her usual morning nap. Thankfully, with the Man around, we managed to take turns to keep her occupied and to pay attention to certain segments during the class. Obviously, her attention span is really short so when she fussed a little, the Man simply carried her and brought her to the back of the class so that the teachers could continue with the rest of the group.

IMG_3057After the class, that was when the Man and I could kinda kick back and have our breakfast, plus coffee!

IMG_3058As for our little gal? Well, she was all tired out from the excitement of her first playgroup session. Let’s see how she will fare for the second session. Fingers crossed for the parentals!


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