Bubba’s memorable first Christmas

IMG_2413It’s the 12th day of Christmas.. a signal for all our Christmas decor to come down and prep for the next big festival on the calendar – Chinese New Year. But before we do that, I just wanted to pen this post to commemorate a dear gift that my mom (Bubba’s Por Por) has made for Bubba for her very first Christmas.

IMG_2374Unwrapping of Christmas presents back at my parents have always been pretty fun but this year (ie: 2014) was a riot because we have Bubba plus my lil Sis’s boyfriend with us. Plus my nephews are bigger now, so it has become quite a rowdy bunch of us fighting to open up the presents.

But the little star that stole the show has to be Bubba as it’s her first Christmas. Her cousins also gave her the honour of opening the presents first as she’s the youngest in the family. Bless their hearts! 🙂

Bubba’s Por Por & Gong Gong presented this to Bubba and told her that they are very happy to have her join our family this Christmas. I unwrapped the present on Bubba’s behalf and was overwhelmed by what my mom has done for Bubba.

IMG_2414This was her secret project that she has been up to for the past couple of days/ weeks leading up to Christmas – a photo story of Bubba painstakingly pieced together with loving thoughts and captions accompanied with most of the pictures.

IMG_2415She also personally penned this note for Bubba which brought a tear or two as I read it. My mom.. my silent supporter of this blog. 🙂

IMG_2416Bubba is still too small to understand how precious this gift is going to be but when she is slightly older, I will be reading this to her and sharing this with her like a storybook. I’m sure she will appreciate all the love that went into making this memorable story for her.

IMG_2417Thank you Mummy for all that you’ve done for me, for us 3 and now for your grandkids – IJS! Love you and I hope to be as good a mother to S as you have been to us. Muacks!


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