So this is Christmas…

How did you spend the Christmas holiday? The day was spent with Bubba most of the time and the little lady unwrapping majority of her presents. Thank goodness for my nephews (Santa’s little helpers) who ripped her presents with great joy. The little lady didn’t know better but I think next year, she should be ready to rip those presents up.

As for the homeland, we aren’t big on the holiday but we put up the tree and filled it with presents for everyone. Of course, our little stars for the day lapped it up when we went coo-coo and ga-ga over them.


IMG_2295Sophie must be thinking – Please don’t pull off my bow..


These series of pics I really do like them, it’s as if the little one is telling Sparky which one his present is and which is her present to be opened.


Well, the fur-kid couldn’t really be bothered I guess.

IMG_2314Here’s another one of Bubba telling Sparky, this is a little hamper for you from The Snoring Dog Bistro.

IMG_2319Bubba with her first present from Daddy! 🙂 The presents I got for her are still on an airplane slowly making its way to Singapore… Hehehe..

IMG_2325Well, we had 2 happy kiddos for the day in the Homeland for that afternoon. Part 2 of Christmas gifts unwrapped over at my Mom’s was a riot! We had so much fun and it was filled with loads of laughter. I didn’t really capture the shots, but the sister did and when I finally do get a chance to get them, I will try to share them. But one thing I will definitely come around to sharing is this amazing gift my Mom made for Bubba. Stay tuned!

Hope your Christmas was filled with much love and joy like ours did. 🙂 Happy Holidays again!



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