Her first foods..

Yes.. another milestone unlocked.. Bubba’s first proper foray into solids! Stayed back at my mom’s over the weekend since the Man went for his snowboarding trip, so us gals packed ourselves for a little staycation. Was pretty fun bonding with my nephews and hanging out with my sisters – midnight suppers and instant noodles FTW. Just like old times except that the house was full of people at every nook and corner. Didn’t think my parents minded for it was bustling with activity. Guess they were also glad after the whirlwind activity over the weekend for they have their home back in one piece. 🙂

Decided to start Bubba off on to solids over the weekend as I would be spending time with her almost 24/7 and could monitor if she had any adverse reaction (ie: diarrhoea / vomiting) to the foods that we were going to let her try.

IMG_2003Some of the recommended first foods that one could start babies off with include butternut squash, sweet potatoes, white peaches, apples, pears and bananas. I decided to go conventional and started Bubba off with some steamed Japanese sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene and very often is a classic baby favourite. They are sweeter in flavour and yet mild. They also take on a fluffy texture when mixed with breast milk or formula. I also liked that this root vegetable is very versatile so once Bubba has mastered single-veggie purees, we can start to mix sweet potatoes to a variety of other fruits, veggies and even meats.

We started her off with some Japanese sweet potatoes. Does it matter if it’s Japanese or normal sweet potatoes? I guess it does for the Japanese ones are much sweeter and not so fibrous in texture making it a lot easier for babies to swallow.

IMG_2066 Again, we really want to raise Bubba up to be an independent eater so it’s important for us to encourage her to pick her foods and put it into her own mouth. Mom steamed the sweet potato so it was rather soft but we managed to cut them into sticks for Bubba to pick up them up and play around with it. Think she had fun mashing it up and then putting it into her tiny little mouth. She also flung the pieces around so thankfully the tray from this Ikea high-chair managed to catch most of the chunks.

IMG_2067Since we’ve introduced bread to her previously, I let her play around with some breadsticks for breakfast as well. She put some into her mouth and then played with the rest of it.

IMG_2030Lastly, not to waste the steamed sweet potato that my Mom made, I fed Bubba with some sweet potato puree mixed with breastmilk. She took a couple of spoonfuls of that and then decided she had her fill by using her tongue to push the puree out.
IMG_2031Here’s my little cheeky monkey after her first proper meal! What shall I experiment next? Maybe some steamed white peaches?


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