Happy Half-Birthday..

IMG_1673Dear Bubba,

6 months already… where has all the time gone? I now know why sometimes people say mothers are naggy, because I feel like I have become a broken recorder when penning these letters to you. But I honestly can’t help feeling this way… not the naggy bit but the emotional bit about how fast you are growing and time is quickly slipping away.

IMG_1784First things first, let’s not forget the customary #milestonecards shot! We sort of celebrated your half birthday by bringing you for a small photo-shoot. Think the shoot went pretty well and there were some really nice shots of you. We couldn’t resist and ended up buying all the pics from the shoot even though we are usually quite reserved when it comes to the photo-selection having been through a couple of other shoots. I think just looking at those pics of you makes our hearts melt so it takes very little convincing for us to buy up everything. No wonder they say having a baby is expensive!


Daddy has penned a lovely note to you to mark your 6 months so I’m just going to list down the different things that you have done this month:
You are now so much more expressive. You scream/wail when I’m out of your sight if I’m home when it’s close to your bedtime. When you are not happy, you make that known loudly by screaming. That said, when you are happy, your little squeals of laughter and chuckles brings an instant smile to any dreary day that we are having. You also love putting almost anything and everything into your mouth. Signs of teething or trying out new food? I now have to bring along a pack of hand/mouth wipes when we are out just to make sure your hands are clean before you stuff them into your mouth.

You have slowly learned how to crawl and that resulted in your first fall off the bed. I know it was going to happen but I definitely didn’t think it would be that soon. I don’t really dare to leave you out of my sight any more as I really fear you will fall again. So when I leave you on our bed and I have to zip in for a quick shower in the morning when Daddy is not around, I thank my lucky stars for BabyTV and how fixated you can be to the flickering lights and animated sounds on the screen. But please don’t be a TV addict. Just a couple of minutes a day is fine for now.

Forgot to mention also, just how cute your little bum is shaking as you are trying to learn how to crawl more steadily.

IMG_1474Sitting up:
You’ve also learned how to sit up right. Again like crawling, you ain’t very steady and have toppled several times hitting your head against the cot. But with practice, you are sitting a little more steadily now. I think the TV time did help for it keeps you focused at a stationery object for a longer period of time. Sigh.. the evils of TV..

IMG_1727[Photo credit: Aunty Libby]

Speaking of sitting up, we started to put you in a high chair when we go out. You are still a little tiny for the high chairs outside but nothing a buckle cannot solve. You manage to stay all of 15 – 20 minutes (at best) in it for us to gobble our meals. If we have a toy, that will keep you occupied for a bit before you start yelling to be carried.

IMG_1717Starting on solids:
Yup, we will be starting you on solids real soon. But we see that you are interested in foods already so we started giving you some bread rolls to play with. Your little grip on the bread plus you slowly putting the piece of bread into your mouth has been really fascinating to watch. Soon, my little one, cereals and purees for you. 🙂


Till the next month update my little one.. can’t wait to see what surprises you will spring on to us.

Love you loads!
xoxo: Mummy

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