Letter to Sophie from Daddy X 2

Dear Sophie,

Happy 6 months old!. And as promised, Daddy is writing u another letter. How time flies.. in a  bat of an eyelid u are now more than double of your birth weight! You are so much more responsive to the surrounding, and you have definitely found your voice! We hear u complain when u are unhappy, and we also hear so much more of your laughter now. So what are the most memorable moments these 3 mths? Here goes!


  • Father – daughter outings. So we have our first Daddy and Sophie outing right when u are about 4 mths old. Mommy was out so I had 2 hrs with u alone. We didn’t wander very far, just walking around the malls in Orchard. But I really enjoyed carrying u in the baby carrier.


  • Our almost daily exercise regime. You are now much stronger and have really stable neck and back. I love the morning stretching sessions with you and also using u as a weight for core training 🙂 I think u like it too as u are always smiling when we do this. can’t wait for u to be bigger and perhaps we can go for some yoga classes together!


  • Feeding – right around the 5th mth, you are able to hold your own bottle with both hands and feed yourself! U still need some help to tilt the bottle in the right angle but we are getting there!


  • Your first fall – i kept thinking when was this going to come.. and this came right before u hit your 6month milestone. Daddy has an office party and had come home late… was supposed to look after you in the morning but I doze off.. and next we hear was a screaming baby at the bottom of the bed.. thank god you are ok.. And I think it’s better this happen in my watch than anyone else 🙂 I know this won’t be the last fall, but let’s try to minimise this.


  • Our first race – u did your first kids dash at the SCB Singapore Marathon, mommy kindly registered for us and I think u must be one of the youngest participants. U were asleep 2 mins into the race, but we still did it together! can’t wait for u to be bigger and we can do a 10km race together, with u in the stroller of course.


There are so many things that i wanted to list down, to be honest, every moment with you is special to me. You are learning and growing so fast, that i know soon I’m really gonna miss this age of you.

But that said, continue to grow up well girl, and daddy will be with you at every step.

IMG_1759P.S. (in Hokkien saying, babies will sit on 7th month, crawl on 8th month and teeth on the 9th, think you already mastered the sitting part 1 month earlier. Looking forward to the next few milestones!)

Lotsa love, Daddy


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