Christmas Wonderland

This has been on the to-go list with Bubba when I heard about the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay and saw several pretty pics by the folks on my Instagram feed. The problem with going to Gardens by the Bay when there’s such a fair going on is the crowd? Remember the Man? Not a fan of the crowd. So when I casually mentioned to the Man to bring Bubba along to see the Christmas lights at the Gardens after work last Friday, I was surprised he said yes.


We recently upgraded Bubba’s stroller to the road-facing system that’s meant for babies 6 months and above. Here’s the little one getting used to the new stroller and looking intently at her new surroundings.

I’ve heard of the massive crowds all eager to check out the Christmas lights so we decided to head to the Gardens straight after work. We arrived at about 5.45pm and managed to secure a parking spot. As it was obviously not dark yet, we strolled around the gardens for a bit before heading into Veranda Cafe for a quick bite. I kept telling the Man that there’s a Christmas market near the main centre of attraction and perhaps they may serve food there but that obviously fell to deaf ears. Having said that, food at Veranda Cafe was pretty decent with a good mix of fusion fare.

IMG_1194We are also trying to train Bubba up so that she will be able to differentiate meal-times and sit with us to have our meals. Since she is able to sit more upright these days, we put her up in a high-chair and let her play around with her fave chew-toy while we have our meal.


The action started after dinner and we took a slow work towards the Supertree Grove where most of the action happens – well, okay, where the Christmas Wonderland structure is supposed to be.

Apparently, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay is set to recreate the the experience of celebrating the festive season in the tropics with a magnificent display of light sculptures from Europe and a charming Christmas market.

IMG_1201We were bowled over by the dazzling lights as we made our way to the lighted structures. Loved the gazebo where carollers spread the festive cheer. The Christmas market paled in comparison to the ones that we’ve been to in Europe but I guess the organisers really tried their best. If you can’t have mulled wine in our heat, then have an ice cold beer instead. There were some stalls selling  knick-knacks and of course food. 

IMG_1202What you must not miss is the Spiegeltent which is a 200-year old travelling tent from the Netherlands. One can dine or have a drink in this Baroque-styled tent. We wanted to have a drink there after the soaking up the blizzard fun but it got too crowded and we decided to head home. But the Man is keen on coming back so we may just be lucky the next time round.

IMG_1205And now for the most magnificent lighted structure that has graced the Gardens – the Luminarie light sculptures specially handcrafted and flown in from Italy – for this festive season. The pictures that I’ve seen online were already pretty amazing but nothing beats witnessing this lighted structure in all its grandeur in real life.

IMG_1209 IMG_1210Yes, Bubba was also very fascinated with the dazzling and sparkling lights. 🙂 She’s at a phase where she’s attracted to bright lights so bringing her to the Christmas light-up is perfect for it kept her entertained and both the Man and I captivated with her little antics.

IMG_1215A highlight for the evening is of course the Blizzard show which happens 4 times daily (depending on weather conditions). The timings as follows: 7.30pm, 8.20pm, 9.05pm and 9.45pm. Well, since we don’t get real snow in Singapore, this would be as close as we get to snow for Bubba (for now). It won’t be long before she can join us on our winter getaways. Held at the Spalliera, the foam base snow simulation saw huge crowds gathering around and waiting patiently for the ‘snow storm’ to take place.

IMG_1228We obviously had to soak in the atmosphere and join in the fun, of course. Even though it was way past Bubba’s bedtime, we decided to break the rules for that evening. I’m sure she would hardly remember all of this but we will and that’s what matters.


We made this little video as well to capture her little smiles.

If I could just sum up the evening, ‘Oh Bubba, I really think how wonderful it is to see the world through your little eyes.’

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