Capturing memories..

Before Bubba’s arrival, I signed up for a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot with White Room Studio. They did our little family shots with Sparky and we had been pleased with some of the shots. I wasn’t quite sure whether I should do the maternity shoot but a couple of my close friends have shared that it is something that they regretted not doing, so I decided for the fun of it sign up. The shoot was done when I was about 35/36 weeks. We haven’t seen the shots yet because after a couple of weeks later, I gave birth and the mayhem began. We also postponed the newborn shoot as we did the one with Tomato Photography instead.

Bubba is due to turn 6 months soon and I’ve seen how some friends have celebrated half-birthdays for their little ones. So I thought since we have an existing package with White Room Studio, might as well do a little 2-in-1 celebratory photoshoot : one to commemorate our 8th wedding anniversary and another to celebrate her almost half-birthday. 🙂

Again, I wanted the shots to be clean and obviously this time round, the star should be Bubba. So the Man and I decked out in jeans and a white top. Bubba, on the other hand, had all these outfits that I prepped for her.

IMG_0880We ended up using 3 out of the 4 outfits that I had set aside. I also brought along several bows and head accessories to jazz up her outfit and they really did.

IMG_0976Here are some shots of Bubba in her fluffy cloud tutu skirt and L’Enfant crown in purple from The Little Bow Co. Like any proud parent to his/her child, I think she looks really, really cute in the entire get-up. I hope Melody (the photog) managed to capture some good shots of her!

IMG_0977Here’s another Mother-Daughter get-up that I specially got for the shoot. The matching tee/ onesie were really cute and clearly brought the message across that Bubba is often the one not tired while Mummy over here is just dead-tired to the bones. I had to dramatise the entire tired look and yawn (which could be better) so not quite sure how this will turn out.

We are viewing the shots end this week so fingers crossed we will get some nice shots.. although, this will probably mean a big hole in our pocket. Yikes and stay tuned!


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