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When I first started out breast-feeding, nursing in public was of course something that I was quite shy about. There are of course nursing rooms that are pretty nice but I’ve also come across some nursing rooms in a horrible state. Plus not all of the malls come equipped with nursing rooms so it can get pretty stressful dealing with a screaming and hungry baby while trying to locate a nursing room.

I’ve since learned how to nurse in public with the help of a nursing cover. I’ve a total of 3 covers before this cover which Mummy’s Love recently sent to me. My first cover was a free gift-with-purchase: a black jersey poncho-styled cover that I had received from Dote at their sale. With no clue how nursing in public was going to be, I just chucked the cover on our first few outings with Bubba. It was a nightmare then for I was still learning about nursing and Bubba took a while to latch on successfully. The material was heavy and hot which resulted in a squirming Bubba under the cover. When she had enough and eventually came up for air, the poor gal was drenched in perspiration. Needless to say, that cover never saw the light again.

My second cover was from a Mummy fair. Decided this time round to go with a beige colour but the material was pretty see-through and I had problems trying to see what Bubba was doing underneath the cover. Frustrated and upon friends’ recommendation, I eventually bit the bullet and purchased the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover which suited my needs fine until now. Why? Because Bubba is starting to be a lot more aware of her surroundings and she ends up pulling the neckline wide open. I’m not going to risk showing my itty-bits to the whole world. So I was in the market for another new nursing cover. This time round, I ain’t a noob no more. I knew what I wanted from (hopefully) my last nursing cover that I will get.

I checked out the nursing covers from Mummy’s Love and was thrilled when Sharon sent me one to test and review. 🙂 I got to choose from the many colours and designs that she has available. Some of the patterned designs are so pretty and I was tempted to get them but I decided that since my previous nursing cover had a floral pattern, I should probably go with a neutral one this time round so I went with the premium light grey nursing cover.


Here’s how it looks. This pic doesn’t do the item justice but I must say, I’m truly impressed with how light the cover is. It feels super soft to the touch as well and the jersey material seems breathable. Now to put the cover to the test with my mini model – Bubba!

IMG_1009Bubba’s a lot bigger now and nursing her is much easier compared to when she was tiny. I whipped out the cover and placed the entire cover over her head. She looked a little confused initially as she’s used to having me check in on her occasionally with the previous cover. But with this new poncho-styled cover, her head is covered and I like it as she gets to nurse with minimal distractions. If I need to check on how she’s doing, I simply need to open up the neckline and peer in.

IMG_1010Love the premium light grey colour as well for it can match with a lot of my clothes and I don’t have to worry about clashing prints ever again.

IMG_1012Not my most flattering angle (the Man took it), but the nursing cover is also great to shield Bubba from the light when I need her to take her nap. Yup, that’s her trying to fall asleep and me trying to create a lights-out dark effect that will hopefully lull her to sleep.

IMG_1014As you can see, even though the material is soft and light, Bubba can still manage to pull open the neckline if she decides to. Told you that she’s so much more aware of her surroundings so sometimes when she nurse, she tends to play around with whatever she can get her hands on. Having said that, with this cover, I don’t have to worry about her pulling the neckline too far down. Yes, I can protect my modesty. Oh, can I just add that it also can double-up as a ‘shawl’ to keep me warm. Yay to dual-functionality!


Last but not least, the cover is great as a stroller cover cum blanket. Sometimes to minimise the crazy number of things we put in our diaper bag, I forget to pack in an extra swaddle for Bubba to use as a blanket. So this lightweight nursing cover from Mummy’s Love is great to keep Bubba covered in air-conditioned places. Washing this cover is also superbly easy, all I need to do is to pop it in to the machine and viola, it dries quickly and I don’t even need to have it ironed. Simply wash, hang, dry and go!

I really enjoyed using this nursing cover from Mummy’s Love and to summarise, here are all the great features that a nursing cover should have for me now which this cover ticked all the boxes:

  • One size fits all
  • 3-in-1, serves as nursing cover, stroller cover and blanket
  • Provides full coverage, there is no need for nursing wear and you do not have worry about exposing your body
  • Poncho design slips over the mummy’s head without straps, clips or fasteners and you can slip if off easily with one hand
  • Roomy neckline for easy visibility of baby
  • Made of thin, lightweight & breathable material
  • Machine washable and do not require ironing 
  • Also allows mums to pump discreetly

The nursing cover is pretty affordable as well. You’re looking at S$28 for solid colours and S$30 for printed designs. Trust me, this is one nursing cover that you should totally get your hands on without hesitation. 🙂

Give-away! [Contest is now closed!]
Mummy’s Love is kindly giving away a nursing cover of your choice to one lucky reader of mine! Here’s what you will need to do:

  1. Like Mummy’s Love Facebook Page and Lady J’s Musings Facebook Page.

  2. Leave a comment on the Facebook post on Lady J’s Musings Facebook Page with the word Liked!”.

Terms & Conditions:
– Contest will close on 24 December 2014, 9pm.
– Contest is only opened for readers residing in Singapore only.
– The winner will be chosen via and upon verification, results will be announced on blog.

Special offer for readers of Lady J’s Musings
Mummy’s Love is also offering a special promo for my readers! Simply quote “ladyj” and enjoy a 10% discount off your purchase. The code is valid till 31 December 2014. I think they make great gifts for new mummy friends or treat yourself with a new cover this festive season!

Happy shopping!


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a nursing cover from Mummy’s Love to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

2 thoughts on “Nursing covers from Mummy’s Love X Give-away!

  1. bowlerena says:

    Being a noob, the sense of modesty and security (for my boobs) is very important! I do hope mummy’s love can provide that… Can’t wait to try! Thx for the recommendation!

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