The first fall

I’ve heard of mummy friends sharing their tales where their kiddos have fallen off their beds respectively. One minute they had their eye on the baby, the next, off the bed, the baby fell. My mom has always told me never to leave Bubba’s sight now that she is learning how to crawl, a little awkwardly but she is getting there.

Well, this morning, Bubba got up about the same time as me. The Man was up at the same time as well and I told him to look after Bubba while I zipped in for a quick shower. I also laid some obstacle course to block Bubba from falling off the edge of the bed but reminded the Man to keep an eye on her. Minutes after I stepped out of my shower, I heard a soft thud, followed by a thud and screams from Bubba. I ran out and found the poor gal faced down wailing. The Man through it all? Sleeping! Sigh!!

IMG_1180I ran to pick up Bubba to console her and then angrily called out at the Man who rushed to the edge of the bed to check on his little gal. Sigh.. a little late for that right.. Bubba wailed for a bit and I hugged her tightly hoping that the fall isn’t too hard on her. Luckily for us, no obvious bruises and cuts. After consoling her, I proceeded to tickle her and she started to smile and laugh. Phew, that’s a good sign.

Shared this incident with my family and other mummy friends and they all said such stuff do happen, so I shouldn’t beat myself up. I know but I still feel horrible. My heart literally dropped when I heard the thud and the screams. I was also told to monitor Bubba’s movements for the day – make sure she doesn’t vomit or look lethargic.

IMG_1139So today shall be the day, you – my dear Bubba – fell for the first time off the bed. I shall also claim this milestone as the one you crawled for the first time as only by crawling did you manage to fall off the bed.

This incident has also taught me to pay extra attention to my fast-growing and squirmy Bubba. Have to cast a watchful on this girl as she sure is growing and moving quickly. Where did all that time go… It felt like just yesterday where all you did was to lie contentedly on our bed and do those bicycle kicks in the air. Now you are already crawling…


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