Toy rentals

Being the first-born, it sure is tempting to run out there to get toys for Bubba. But toys these days can be quite expensive and there are just too many brands out there that can get quite confusing for a first-time parent. Also, the Man has never been a fan of bulky items so it is with much resistance that I haven’t gone to purchase any huge toys for Bubba.

Friends have shared that toys can be rented and they have rented slides and what nots for their homes. I thought the concept was rather brilliant for it meant that the child could play with different sets of toys for a fee. I started to do some research on toy rental companies and eventually settled on Toy Rental World after a recommendation by Miss Ene.

I was keen for Bubba to play with a fun toy namely one with an activity centre. I eventually settled on the Evenflo Exesaucer Triple Fun Jungle for Bubba. You could rent the toy for one week or more. To enjoy the free delivery with the installation, one would need to spend a minimum of S$40. I decided to loan the toy for 4 weeks.

IMG_9586When the toy first came, Bubba was at a loss what to do. Her feet could barely touch the base of the activity centre and her neck then wasn’t too strong, so she kept bobbing up and down. I had to be the one to push the buttons and encourage her to play. I also had to be the cheerleader to cheer her on when she completes a task.

IMG_9427It took her a while to warm up to this device and we would put her in there for about 10 minutes a day up to 3 times a day. As time went by, she started to show interest in the Exersaucer and even started to tinkle with the different parts of the toy.

She also started to grow in length and was a lot stronger in holding her neck for longer periods. That was when she really enjoyed playing in the Exersaucer and she ended up making us laugh with her cute antics when fiddling with the toy. IMG_0383We felt a little sad when the day came for us to return the toy back. I’m not sure if I want to fork out that sum of money to purchase this item but when I shared excitedly about the rental of toys for Bubba to another friend, her reaction was lukewarm, she asked why I did that for Bubba is our first child and wouldn’t we want to give her new toys instead of used ones? She also shared that some of the toys could be purchased for the price of the rental if we got it overseas.

Well, I guess what she said is true. If we could purchase the same toy at a lower price overseas then it might be more worth it to just get the toy. But I’ve also heard of stories where friends have purchased the toy for their child only to find out that the child never really warmed up or liked the toy after playing with it for a while. The toy ended up becoming a white elephant. I knew that the latter could very well happen to us, so I’ve decided we will rent these large toys for now and if Bubba really likes it, then I will try to find a way to acquire a brand new set or a pre-loved one.

Rental of toys may not be for everyone. For us at least, we didn’t quite mind for we didn’t want things that are not used to be lying around and taking up space. Futhermore, I did some research and was pleased with the service and how the toys are cleaned and sanitized before its being rented out. If you are really worried about the hygiene, this concept might not be for you or you could do what we did, simply sanitize the toy again before use.

Next up on our rental list? The Fisherprice Jumperoo!

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