Our first Christmas tree!

After working last weekend, so glad to have one weekend off before the next big weekend event for the year. Phew.. it’s been a busy period after returning to work and weekends are oh-so-much more precious now that Bubba is here.

We had a task this weekend… that is to set-up our very first Christmas tree! Bubba’s first Christmas with us! 🙂 The Man got us a reasonable-sized pine-tree from Ikea that cost about $50. The base for the tree is not included in the purchase and it cost us about another $30 odd to get it.

So bright and early in the morning, the Man got busy with the tree. First task at hand? To saw the base of the tree evenly and then put it up. The Man did that in under an hour. 🙂 Yay..

IMG_0820Next up? To go shopping for ornaments to decorate the tree! We brought Bubba along even though she probably couldn’t help us to pick up the items but it’s more fun bringing her along when we head out these days. I can’t bear to leave her behind if I can help it.

Bubba is also growing too fast.. we transitioned her into the 6months system for the Baby Zen Yoyo. Feels a bit nostalgic looking at her sitting upright in her stroller and observing her surroundings in wonderment instead of just lying down.

Orchard Road was of course crazy mad now that Christmas is just round the corner. So I say, we did pretty well braving the crowds. The Man baby-wore Bubba most of the time while I pushed her stroller and was a mess, according to the Man. Sigh.. oh well.

IMG_0821We started off at Tangs first at the Christmas department. This being our first time setting up a tree, we weren’t quite sure what to do. We went round looking at other trees for inspiration before deciding a theme for our tree – a Red and Gold themed Christmas tree. We got the lights and a couple of gold baubles to deck our tree.

Halfway through the shopping, I then thought of another colour scheme! What if we went with a Purple and Gold theme instead? A Red and Gold one is classic but the purple one would suit our home colour scheme. Shared it with the Man and he agreed! Since they didn’t have much purple Christmas decor over at Tangs, so we braved the crowds and headed over to Takashimaya to check out more Christmas stuff. Thank goodness for us, they had more for us to choose. We got the purple decor, had coffee and then headed home to adorn our very first tree!

IMG_0788Presenting our tree decked in Purple and Gold accents! What do you think? Not bad for our first effort, I’d say! IMG_0793Now to fill it up with presents for Bubba as well as Sparky!

IMG_0794It’s going to be a magical Christmas.. one that I can’t wait for it to come!


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