Starting on solids..

Bubba is about 5.5 months now and in just a few weeks time, she will move on to the next phase.. solids! How exciting!

In preparation for her journey into solids, we went shopping for a high-chair for her. In terms of design, I really liked the Stokke Tripp Trapp and was deciding between the Stokke or the Yamotoya high-chair which a couple of friends have. Remember the deal that the Man and I have? He decides on the larger furniture items for Bubba. In the end, we got the Stokke Tripp Trapp. The range offered at Mums and Babes ain’t wide and we didn’t want to go with the normal brown nor white. The palette for our dining area is largely white, black and purple, so we went with the Tripp Trapp in this muted sky blue colour and jazzed it up with a girly pink cushion.

We got the Tripp Trapp Baby set (recommended for use when babies can hold their head steadily) when Bubba was about 4 months plus. We were eager to put the Tripp Trapp to use almost immediately but during that time, she still couldn’t hold her head up too steadily and we didn’t want to buy the newborn set because it would be a white elephant once she outgrows the unit. Thankfully, Mama Libby came to the rescue and loaned her newborn set to us. 

IMG_9827We put Bubba to sit with us at meal-times so as to get her used to eating together with us. She managed to sit inside the unit for a bit while we gobbled our meals before protesting in anger after about 10 minutes. A couple of weeks later, she would kick and whine when we attempted to buckle her up in the newborn seat. By then, we figured that she could transition into the next phase, so we changed the newborn set into the baby chair set.

Here she is, seated with us at dinnertime while we have our meals and her – well, her cold chew-toy for now.

IMG_0643In the meantime, I’m really inspired by the whole concept behind Baby Led Weaning (BLW) after hearing it from Libby. And can I just say? I’m super impressed by this Mumpreneur who makes BLW look like a breeze even though I can imagine how much work and prep goes into making meals for tiny human. I kid you not, just check out what interesting meals that she has whipped up for her Bub – Sophie Rose.

Now, let’s see what shall I start Bubba off with? Avocado puree, baked organic apple or steamed broccoli? Or do I go the traditional route of starting her on cereals first? Decisions, decisions? Do you happen to have any advice in this area?



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