A good night’s sleep

IMG_0249Bubba, is that too much to ask for? Honestly, it’s not for me. It’s really for you. As your Mummy, I’m resigned to the fact that I probably won’t get my eight hours chock-a-block of sleep anymore but you, my Bubba, supposed to be sleeping a lot more than me.

Sigh.. yes, this is the situation for the past couple of nights! A struggle trying to put Bubba to bed. Now that she has found her voice, she sure can protest in anger when I put her in her cot and try to get her to sleep on her own. I’m supposed to have 2 more happy days before she goes on to her next Mental Leap (shudders in fear when that happens).

I’m not exaggerating here. If you don’t believe me, you simply have to check out the below video to see what I’ve been going through. PS: Do lower the volume . I just played it on my laptop and the Man jumped up from his seat wondering why is she screaming when he managed to put her to sleep.

I  know each baby is wired differently. I just don’t get how this little gal can fight sleep so well. Her naps in the daytime have been reduced quite drastically and yet she doesn’t want to sleep at bedtime. It used to be that she would take a short evening nap after her bath-time from 7pm to about 7.45pm. Then she would wake up and ‘chat’ with us for a bit before drifting off to bed at about 9pm plus. These days, she doesn’t appear to be all that interested in sleep at all.

I still do the routine – the nightly massage, sometimes reading a book, talking to her and telling her that it’s bedtime and we will see her in the morning – then I nurse her. When it looked like she is drifting off to bed, I would unlatch her, try to pop the binky into her mouth, hold her for a bit before laying her into her cot. It used to work well before. But the past couple of nights, she knew the transference from a warm body into her own cot. So she would protest by letting out angry screams with big, fat tears streaming down her tiny cheeks.

It does help to have friends who are mums and understanding about this whole sleep situation that babies have. Like I shared previously, I can only dream of Bubba sleeping through the night one day. So I am pretty envious of moms who already have their babies sleeping through the night. I want to know what they did so I can possibly try their methods on Bubba. One such mama who has been generous in sharing her tips is Mag whose Bug falls asleep by 8pm and wakes up at about 5-6am. She calls herself the Nazi when it comes to sleeping for her Bug! She often encourages me to hang in there and shares that in order for Bubba to fall asleep on her own, I just got to implement methods and see them through instead of caving in.

Well, I tried. Tonight, I decided I will let her fuss a little and perhaps wail or cry. She did all of the above plus shrieking at the top of her voice. This crying of epic proportions lasted close to 50 minutes. She eventually fell asleep grudgingly and I was pretty proud that I persisted in stuffing the binky in and letting her cry it out. The Man came back from dinner to a sleeping Bubba, so I related the incident to him.

Murphy of course doesn’t like me very much because seconds later, she woke up screaming and we had to repeat the entire motion of putting her back to sleep. zzzz….

Now tell me, there has gotta be a better way of getting Bubba to sleep right?


2 thoughts on “A good night’s sleep

  1. eveeleva says:

    Hi Lady J,

    I have twins. So i definitely empathise with you. I wanted to just share 2 things.

    First, I read in a book by Weissbluth and in some other books, that shorter naps in the day doesn’t necessarily mean that our bubs will sleep better at night. In fact, my boys have very bad sleep if they don’t nap well in the day.

    Second advice is that some advice from people, including me, may be useful but every baby is different. So hang in there, try new things and keep the faith.

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks eveeleva for ur tips and advice. Its true what u said, every baby is different and I will try to remember that. Well, there are good days and not so good ones so will try to enjoy it all.. 😉

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