Baby-wearing : part 2

Since the last post where I shared about the insane number of baby carriers that I owe, where are we now with baby-wearing? Thought I just do a little update here.

Boba Wrap: Decided that it was too difficult to wrap and head out. I must say, I did have some success with wrapping it at home and carrying Bubba in it. She managed to drift off into slumberland the two to three times that I used the wrap. But I decided that she was getting bigger and since she preferred the Ergo more, I sold the Boba Wrap away to someone else who may find it more useful instead of just keeping it in storage.

Baby Bjorn Carrier Active: Used it a couple of times and loved it for it was easy to put Bubba in and to remove her from the carrier. I kept the carrier aside for a bit before loaning it to a friend who used it way more than I did. Decided to sell it to her eventually so that I can reduce my crazy inventory of baby carriers.

IMG_0479So what are we left with? My mode of baby-wearing is the Ergobaby Original Carrier (the gift that my cousin got me). It eventually became handy when Bubba got a little bigger and no longer required the infant insert which by the way is insanely hot for Singers’ weather. The Ergobaby suited me fine for it gave me the proper support for my back and hips. Despite it being slightly bulky, I still managed to operate the carrier on my end so brownie points for the ergonomic design of the carrier.

What do I not like about the carrier? Well, for one, it really is pretty warm for Bubba. After placing Bubba in the carrier, she usually will end up falling asleep in it. Hooray for me as I get to either run errands or enjoy some peace and quiet before the mayhem. But the downside is that Bubba ends up drenched in perspiration simply because the material of the Ergobaby is pretty warm.

One day when I was out with my friend, she whipped out the Boba Air and I was amazed at how nifty the entire carrier is. It could be zipped up into a small pouch and thrown into the bag. It was lightweight and I almost couldn’t believe how compact the entire carrier was. Price-wise, it wasn’t crazily expensive so I decided to get it for the Man for he also loves baby-wearing Bubba and his complaint on the Ergobaby is that it was too hot. With the Boba Air, I think he would enjoy the light-as-feather and portable baby carrier. Plus he’s super fit so I think carrying Bubba with the Boba Air suited him fine. I’m the one that needs a carrier with all the cushioning for my achy-breaky back.

Verdict? The Man loved his gift and has been happily baby-wearing Bubba when we head out on short trips to run errands.

IMG_0375I kid you not, look how pleased he is.

IMG_0378Bubba also enjoys being in the baby carrier with Daddy so much so that she often falls asleep after a while in it.IMG_0379See what I mean. 🙂

I’m quite tempted to try out the Tula for the designs on the baby carrier are so pretty. Must.resist.temptation!!! Arh…


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