Another one bites the dust

Heard that iii Cafe, a pet cafe that we love popping in to occasionally had ceased its operations as they were not able to get their premises license renewed. I’ve blogged about this place previously.

IMG_9646It’s actually kinda sad for they are fewer and fewer pet cafes that specially cater for our furry-friends and their humans.

IMG_9652This place will hold fond memories for us as we first met Horlicks here and even though we don’t visit it as much as our pal, Horlicks, we really liked the fact that it was close to home and a nice place to hang out should we ever wanted to spend time with Sparky in a nice cool place with simple snacks.

Sigh.. how many pet-cafes are there actually left in Singapore now? It’s a real pity this one in the East had to shut its doors. 😦


2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. fernoftheforest says:

    I have never been to iii Cafe but I feel that many pet cafes fail mainly because of the mediocre food choices and that they only attract people who have pets. Those 2 factors basically make business not very viable.

    I would really rather go to a place that has good food first and foremost, AND is friendly to pets. I know that it might be a little far for you, but there are many restaurants at the Robertson Quay area that allow pets in their outdoor areas (though I think it is illegal). We’ve had really good Japanese BBQ, Ramen, beer and mussels, desserts and wine, all with Rusty seated right next to us.

    • Lady J says:

      I think you are right but it’s sad that cafes who want to cater for dogs don’t seem to go very far in Singapore. Good suggestion on restaurants at Robertson Quay area, will give it a try one day!

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