Letter to Sophie x 5

IMG_0038I’m what?!

Dearest Sophie,

Another month has passed and you are now 5 months old. I’m a little late in penning this entry as well. Mummy pinky promise I will try to do a better job next time in managing my time. It’s just been a crazy couple of weeks at work with weekends burnt when all I really want to do is to just while the weekend with you at home or out at play. But it’s ok.. we will just hang in there.

IMG_0047At 5 months, we made it past the first of your long mental leaps. You are definitely more aware of your surroundings and can respond to your name. You’ve also started to take an interest in toys especially activity centres. When Mummy first rented the Exersaucer toy for you, you didn’t know what to do, your head was still a little wobbly and your feet could barely touch the base. But just when you were about to hit your fifth month, you could hold your head well which probably explained how you started to enjoy using the activity centre more. You squeal in delight when we complement you for completing a small task and you started to explore with gusto the little knobs and buttons on the activity centre. I actually felt sad that the rental period was over but fret not darling, I just rented another gadget for you to play with. Hehe..


I love how expressive you are these days. These pics were taken in the morning when we were getting ready to work and to drop you off at Por Por’s house. You started to coo and babble happily that I couldn’t resist taking off your pyjamas, put you this white onesie (a hand-me-down from your cousin Julia) and then accessorising you with the cute head-gear for this mini photoshoot. Current flavour of the month? These knitted crowns which make the cutest head-accessory other than the many bows that you already own.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045

Love these series of pictures that I took of you with all these cute and cheeky smiles that you dish out for me and Daddy. 🙂

Other than Sparky who eagerly greets us at the door when we return home, you are the next person we want to see. I love how when I call out your name, you lunge forward with two arms spread wide open wanting me to carry you. I love how when I carry you, you lean forward with your tiny little body and little arms to give me the tightest hug. My heart bursts with so much joy when you do it and no matter how terrible my day has been at work, coming home to you instantly lifts up my tired spirit.

IMG_0054Speaking of tired. Are you still in a sleep regression mode? zzzz

Suddenly I felt like we went back into time, to the time when you were about 5-6 weeks old where I felt it was really hard putting you to bed. Come to think of it, during that time, all I had to do was to watch you cry and stuff the pacifier into your tiny mouth. You would resist but gave it after kicking and crying. The past couple of nights have been so challenging because you.simply.won’t.sleep even though you are super tired. You have learned how to spit out the pacifier and shriek when you are clearly tired but simply refuse to go to bed. My patience have been tested a couple of times because it took me close to 3 hours to put you into bed.

According to the literature out there, one should get into the habit of putting the baby into the crib drowsy, rather than fully asleep. This way, the baby will learn how to soothe him/herself to sleep rather than relying on you. I really tried. In fact, I think I did more. I hold you close to meet for about 10 minutes hoping that your sleep will be deep enough so that when I lay you down, you won’t wake up screaming. But this failed and you protest in anger by crying. I pick you up again and then the cycle of putting you to sleep repeats itself. It’s really tiring for Mummy over here and I really, really hope that you would get past this phase so we can all have better sleep. As for sleeping through the night, I can only dream and hope. For now, let’s take baby-steps, get pass the sleep on-your-own and sleep within one hour phase.


Christmas is just round the corner and the other day when we brought you out to shop, you were so fascinated with the twinkling lights that emitted from the Christmas tree in the shop. We talked about having a Christmas tree before but we thought it could probably wait till you understand the concept of Christmas. Well, looks like you do and Daddy is going to be setting up the tree real soon since it’s your first Christmas. Now, all we need to do is to agree if we want a fresh or an artificial tree. I think a fresh one for your first Christmas then and if it’s not to messy, we probably stick to another fresh Christmas tree for next year as well. Let’s see.

IMG_0059Loads to look forward to in the next few weeks as you inch closer to your half-birthday and start your journey into solids. Mummy has stocked up on cereals and some snacks. What’s left to do is to read up on some literature on baby-led weaning and feeding and I believe we should be all set.

Mummy’s ending this post now. Gotta pump and then give you the bottle before heading to bed. I’ve got a long day tomorrow at work but am looking forward to spending the entire Monday with you. Mom Mobile v2 is finally here so we will be scooting off to more adventures. Whee!!

Till then, continue to grow my little one.. happy and healthy.

Love you with all of my heart and soul: Mummy xoxo

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