Up to my eyeballs

Seriously.. it’s not funny!

Well, I knew going back to work will have its challenges. It’s no longer a walk in the park. Mornings are no longer spent leisurely putting on my make-up. When the alarm clock rings, I either hit the snooze button and lie in for another couple of minutes or jump up to check on Bubba to see if she’s awake. If she’s still sleeping, I then zip in for a quick shower and then putting on light make-up before tending to her. If she’s awake, the Man and I will play a bit with her, nurse her and then bring her down to my MIL. Then off to work we go.

IMG_0355Rare pic of Bubba and Me.. love how smiley she is in the pic

Bubba is still total breast-fed so I try to express at work to keep supply going. My sis have warned that my supply will dip a little when I head back to work. The first few days when I headed back to work was pretty ok still but it’s a different story now and it’s true! Supply has dipped and it’s rather depressing looking at the low yield. Watching the clock constantly, running in and out of meetings and just trying to finish off my work so I can go home on time has been quite stressful. Thankfully, the Company has proper facilities to support pro-breastfeeding moms at work else I think it would be harder on me to continue this journey.

So I went a little crazy, stuffed myself with Domperidone, took overnight oats and drank the good ol’ traditional Fish Papaya soup. Supply went up a little but because my work schedules have been erratic plus I’ve been quite stressed managing a huge event, the supply has not been very consistent. Worse when I’m out majority of the day running about with no nursing room in sight. That’s not all, Bubba isn’t sleeping through the night yet so I do get up to either nurse her or the times she manages to push through 5 hours, I will need to get up and pump. Lack of proper sleep coupled with pressing issues at work all adds on to the stress.


I wouldn’t have it any other way for this face makes everything worthwhile. Yup, even those big fat round tears that she dishes out when she doesn’t get her way. Well, who knew motherhood could change me like that.. even with the lack of sleep.. yawnz!

A lot of pro-breastfeeding moms will say ‘Breast is best’. I don’t think I fall strictly in that category but I know as a mother, I just want to give my very best for Bubba and that includes me doing whatever I can. So I will endeavour in this breastfeeding journey for now with the small milestones that I’ve set for myself: 6 months of breastfeeding, then 1 year and we will see how it goes from there.

For now, I just want to get through this weekend, hopefully with a new manual pump to help keep the supply a-going or else I will have to resort to a pump-and-dump strategy which will be super wasteful. Fingers crossed!

Out of curiosity, if you are in a similar situation or have been in a similar situation, how did you get through it?


3 thoughts on “Up to my eyeballs

  1. csary says:

    Hi I am in my 9th months of pumping. 4.5 months of pumping at work and pumping everywhere I go. From meeting rooms to toilets! Yes..yucks! Recently as we had a stocktake in a dusty warehouse i had to resort to pumping in my colleagues car too. I have a trolley bag that hold my pump n fridge to go plus all the parts. My colleagues already know where i am going or doing when i push my bag ard in the ofc. Lately my supply dip as well. So I try to power pump. Also thankfully I have my frozen stash. So u are not alone! Its not easy but u will get use to it! Her cheeks is so puffy so what u are doing is definitely worth it!!

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