Teething issues

Yup, the signs are there! Bubba is on her way to sprout her first tooth sooner or later.

It first started a couple of days back when I noticed that she was poo-ing a lot more than usual. Initially, I was a little worried for she shouldn’t be getting diarrhoea if all she has been consuming is my milk. I kinda shrugged it off as well for she didn’t look like she was lethargic and played normally. Yet, at the back of my mind, I had a nagging feeling that something didn’t seem quite right. Had a chat with my Mom and she shared that Bubba could perhaps be experiencing the first signs of teething. Yikes!

IMG_9974Checked in with Dr Google and here’s an interesting article on teething that I found on Baby Centre. Some friends shared their personal experiences on how their babies felt when they started teething and boy, was I worried! I’ve heard how babies can become so cranky and inconsolable during the entire episode. What I didn’t realise that as a result of teething, fever and diarrhoea can also possibly occur. 😦

So how am I dealing with this as Bubba goes through teething and expressing her discomfort in the only possible language for now through crying? During playtime, I make sure she has a chew toy at hand. The Sophie La Giraffe toy is great for her to hold, keeps her entertained while providing some relief on her morning walks around the hood. We also have teethers that we place in the freezer and dish out to her to keep her occupied. The cool teether provides her immediate relief and she happily chews on it while we get a few minutes of peace before the fussing sets in.

As for the occasional bout of diarrhoea? Make sure she gets changed immediately with a little diaper cream on her itty bits to prevent diaper rash from setting in.

IMG_9204I do hope that you do get through this whole teething business without much pain, my dear Bubba. Daddy will turn to the occasional booze while Mummy here will just pray for us all.


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