Settling into a new routine

The routine pretty much revolves around work and then home with the babies. Oh-kay, mostly Sophie for now. The first few days back at work was just difficult, trying to get back into the groove of the work, managing the work and then rushing home to tend to the little one. I can’t really play much with her either because I’m a stickler with routines and don’t want to overstimulate her before her bedtime. So very often it’s holding her, giving her a light wipe-down, dinner for me and then bedtime for her.

IMG_9824I miss spending the day with her, pottering around doing nothing but everything with her. I miss her oh-so-funny expressions and also the times that she drive me up the wall when she refuses to nap. I don’t understand why she still no like naps and boy, can she fight sleep. Sometimes she skips her noon naps and still can go to bed at 10-ish in the night. Sigh.. Mummy here is so tired!

IMG_9825The next few weeks are going to be tough because I have a couple of work-events over the weekend which means lesser time to spend with Bubba. 😦 But life goes on and oh-so-more-exciting with her around and her cuteness (yes, I’m biased!).


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