This little light of mine..

Bubba was baptised over the weekend and what a fanfare it was coupled with my little sister’s birthday celebration. ๐Ÿ™‚

There were a total of 8 babies that were baptised at the service and it was pretty cool to see babies of different stages. Sophie wasn’t the youngest there but neither was she the oldest. Given that her name started with S, we were considered the last of the lot but was given the front row pew. Pretty good I must say for it gave us unrestricted views of the priest plus provided some really good shots during the whole baptism ceremony.

L1010332Yes, the outfit. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to dress Bubba in. Thankfully, we were gifted with a couple of white dresses so I tried them on and decided this one would make quite an unconventional outfit for the day. The frills from the dress suits Mama style instead..hehe. I was going to search for a hat for her to put on but didn’t have time so the white bow and the Mocs that I’ve got from The Little Bow Company certainly helped jazzed up her outfit for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

L1010337Before heading out, I told Bubba not to puke or do any funny business on her dress for it was so white and I didn’t want to have it stained before her Baptism. As Murphy would have it, she did end up regurgitating her milk on the frills of her dress which I quickly wiped off and now pray that it would not leave a yellow stain. During the service, she decided to have her business done. Thankfully, the Man is pretty good at changing her so no major damage is done on her dress. Phew… disaster averted. This dress is gonna be a keepsake for Bubba for it serves as a lovely memory of her first Sacrament. Who knows, she might just want to pass it on to her child (if it’s intact) when it’s time for them to be baptised.

L1010325We chose my cousin as Sophie’s godparent. I’m really close to my cousin who’s also my godsister. She has been my pillar of support during difficult times but beyond that, we’ve done some really crazy stuff together growing up. Apart from my sisters, she’s also like the big sister I never had. So it meant a lot to me for her to be Sophie’s godma and her husband to be Sophie’s godpa. I know the both of them will play the role of godparents to Sophie and will guide her in her faith journey. Coincidentally, we are godparents to her son. So it’s like keeping it in the family. ๐Ÿ™‚



The entire service went through rather smoothly. Initially, I was pretty worried for the service took place right smack at her morning nap and if she skipped that nap, I knew she was going to be cranky. Thankfully, she took a power nap of 20 minutes before the service started, woke up without much fussing and pretty much was really cooperative for a good part of the service.

L1010377Even though I attended the briefing, I obviously forgot to pay attention to what we were supposed to bring – a towel to wipe Bubba’s head after Father baptised her with the Holy Water. Major fail! Well, even though water was poured through her head, she was unfazed by it and I managed to dry her using a bib that I had stashed in my diaper bag.

L1010422Towards the end of the service, that’s where she started to fuss a little for she was hungry. She ended up licking her Baptismal bib and then sucking her thumb to give her temporary relief from the hunger pangs. I would usually stare at her when she does this for I don’t really want her to get into the habit of sucking her thumb. But given the circumstances, I decided to let it slide.

L1010438To my dear family, thank you for being part of Sophie’s baptismal ceremony and I know that you will continue to be her pillar of support and strength as she journeys with God.


And to my darling girl, this is my wish for you on this special day as you enter into the house of God:

On this holy day of your baptism, may God who loves us all shine down upon this child, so precious and so small. May His blessings light the pathways where those tiny feet are led. May you put God in everything you do and let Him guide you through the years that lie ahead.ย 


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