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I’ve always been on a look-out for doggy-related things to do and couldn’t be more pleased with the opening of Wagging Rights – a total wellness destination specially for dogs! Yes, you read right!

IMG_9567Located at 337 Joo Chiat Road, Wagging Rights is a 2,200 square-foot boutique that offers dog-owners a full suite of total wellness amenities such as grooming (done by groomers trained in the United States), daycare, pet-sitting, a pet concierge service, specialised programmess for puppies and a Get Fit programme for dogs in need of more exercise. For the food-oriented, Wagging Rights offers a carefully handpicked selection of fresh dog food available in raw and cooked versions which come in signature jute bags for dogs to enjoy in the comfort of their own kennels.

We visited Wagging Rights over the weekend to check out the services that they have to offer. I would have loved to bring Spark along but Mom Mobile broke down so we had to leave him at home. 😦

L1010304As the newest kid on the block, Wagging Rights is set to raise the bar on how to care for dogs in a manner that is healthy and safe, and of course, fun.  I love the fact that there’s so much attention that’s paid for your furry pals when you step inside Wagging Rights. Firstly, no funky smells associated with dogs when you step inside Wagging Rights. Not being judgey but some pet places that I’ve stepped into, the doggy smells are really strong. But at Wagging Rights, a pleasant scent of aromatherapy oils filled the air. Pretty inviting if I may add. Also, all dogs have to undergo a robust “Temperament Test” to ensure a safe and stress-free session in the playground. Staff is also trained in CPR as well as to develop a keen eye for canine behavior and body language.

L1010295Grooming is approached differently too at Wagging Rights. The belief is that dog grooming should not be reserved just for the show dogs and poodles; rather it ought to be done more regularly for both hygiene and health purposes. Again, this is music to our ears for one of the challenges that we have is being able to find a good groomer for Sparky. We found one that we really liked in the East but it has since ceased its operations. We didn’t have a good experience with another groomer that we found in the East for they accidentally cut Sparky’s paw so we pretty much just groomed Sparky on our own while we slowly searched for another groomer in the East. Obviously, we haven’t found one that we like.

Over at Wagging Rights, they go beyond just the aesthetics of grooming. They view grooming as part of the health, hygiene and comfort of your dog; which is particularly important in our hot and humid tropical climate which causes dirt to get easily trapped in an oily coat. The groomers at Wagging Rights are well-trained and will be the first to notice something amiss about your dog, whether it is a hotspot or a worrying lump. I can’t wait to bring Sparky for his first grooming session at Wagging Rights. Based on what we saw and the convo that we had with the groomer at Wagging Rights, we felt assured to leave Sparky in their good hands.


What I also found interesting is that Wagging Rights is the only service provider on the island with a dedicated puppy programme with on-site facilitators that monitor group play and training for the young ones aged three to six months old. It’s important to proactively socialise your puppy during the ‘critical socialisation period’, which typically occurs between three and six months of age. The puppy’s experiences during this period of learning and development can influence and shape their behaviour well into adulthood.  A lack of socialisation often leads to unwanted behaviours such as excessive barking, aggression and destructive biting. So for paw-rents who have young puppies, this is good to note!

L1010303Looking back, when we had Sparky, we were very concerned about proper training as well as socialising him with other dogs. Which is why we take him to walks in the parks to get him used to other dogs in the vicinity. We also signed him for a puppy obedience course but because the place was pretty far away, he never completed his training. This dedicated puppy programme at Wagging Rights might be what new paw-rents will need to get their puppies adjusted to their new home environment.

L1010306They even have a pet concierge service to boot! Talk about covering all bases! Time-challenged doggy paw-rents will definitely appreciate this for doggy daycare services are available over at Wagging Rights and if you don’t have time to send your pet to the vet, you can engage the pet concierge to help bring your dog to the vet or even accompany your dog for a hydrotherapy swim. Lucky pooches!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.41.16 pm[Image courtesy of Wagging Rights]

Last but not least, at Wagging Rights, they believe that one should throw more than a bone to your dog. Which is why, meals prepared at Wagging Rights comprise of human-grade meat (60% for regular recipes and 75% in the grain-free and raw versions). Fresh fruit and vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, peas, Chinese cabbage, courgettes, cantaloupe, pear and blueberries on top of supplements such as calcium phosphate, vitamin D, zinc are being added to the meat and then frozen – sans any preservative. On the menu are four appetite-whetting recipes: Chicken Terrine, Posh Pulled Pork, Sunday Roast Beef and Shepherd’s Lamb Stew—all of which come in grain-free formulas. Upon request, the resident chef can also prepare for your pooches grain free and raw versions of the chicken, lamb and beef recipes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.42.22 pm[Image courtesy of Wagging Rights]

Lucky pooches if I may add. The four main dishes on the menu look good enough to be eaten by humans! When I first saw the pictures, I was like oh goody! Another pet cafe to check out! Only upon reading the fine print did I realise that the dishes are catered specially for doggies!

L1010298While we were there, we had a chat with owner Lu-Yi who shared with us how her dog Riley is a picky eater which led her to create all these yummy meals for her dog. I was most impressed with how each set is carefully thought of and plated. The proteins were meant to complement one another and there was a good mix of vegetables (eg: broccoli, Chinese cabbage, Chinese Kale, Green beans, etc) plus fruit such as blueberries, apples and pears in each set that’s individually packed.

L1010300That’s not Sparky by the way. It’s another goldie that so happened to be present at Wagging Rights waiting to tuck in the gourmet meal. 🙂 We were gifted with the Sunday Roast Beef and Stewed Lamb set, so can’t wait to add this into Sparky’s meal for him to test it out.

L1010315With this comprehensive suite of services, Wagging Rights takes pride in providing custom-tailored care every step of the way for every dog. The Man and I walked out of Wagging Rights feeling most impressed with what we saw and heard.

L1010308As part of the review, Wagging Rights will be providing us with a gift set that includes a complimentary basic grooming session, Wagging Rights’ gourmet pet food, samples of dog grooming products and a doggy day-care session. The Man has always been apprehensive about leaving Sparky in the care of others but what he felt that the folks at Wagging Rights were really genuine and caring when it comes to caring for the pooches. So who knows, we might just leave Sparky in the doggy day-care just for a couple of hours so we can run errands. Now I can’t wait for our new Mom Mobile to come for we will be bringing Sparky down to try out the services and goodies!

Thank you Platform PR SG for inviting us to be part of this blogger collaboration and Wagging Rights for hosting us! We really enjoyed the chat that we had and really look forward to bringing Sparky there soon. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.15.09 pm[Image courtesy of Wagging Rights]

About Wagging Rights:

  • Wagging Rights is located at 337 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427590.
  • The store is open Monday–Sunday, 9:00am–6:00pm (except for major gazetted public holidays)
  • Appointments outside working hours are available with prior arrangement.
  • For more information, including, services and pricing, locations and hours of operation, please visit www.wagging-rights.com


Note: Lady J’s musings received a gift set from the Wagging Rights for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary rewards were given and all views expressed are purely of my own. 

One thought on “Wagging Rights

  1. Sallandre Dhana says:

    Hello I live in France and here domestic animals are a part of the family. I find Wagging Rights amazing,especially in Singapore,I am impressed,really. The Sinapore I knew from the 60’s to the 90’s has progressed in animal lovers and animal care.Bravo like we say it over here.
    One question if the dogs come to WR and are served only prepared meals how about those who are used to grains?won’t they have a hard time reajusting to their grains after sumptous meals at WR? Does WR give a choice for meals?once gain ,bravo for the cleanliness’ n smiles in pictures hoping it’s a daily routine and not just for the advert?

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