Shopping for diapers in Tokyo

Having lived in Tokyo before, I have to admit that I kinda took it for granted thinking that it would be easy to get baby stuff in Japan. We knew where to get stuff but we forgot that when we were living there, it was before Baby. So when packing for the trip (which suddenly feels like ages ago now), we decided that it shouldn’t be that difficult to get diapers in Tokyo. Will just grab a pack the next day when we head out to the shops.

Turned out I was wrong. The next day, we were out shopping in Ginza. I popped in to my fave pharmacy which is like a Watsons. I expected to find diapers tucked in the baby section of the store. When I asked the sales assistant in my broken Japanese, she shrugged and showed me to a teeny tiny pack of diapers. Okay.. maybe the people living in Ginza won’t buy diapers. I probably need to look else where. We happened to be going Roppongi for dinner that evening. We thought perhaps the Azabu Juban hood near Roppongi would have diapers. So we went round hunting for diapers in the supermarkets that we were familiar with. Well, they did have diapers but they weren’t in Bubba’s size.

Just as we were about to give up, I spotted a rather large pharmacy across the road at Roppongi. Badgered the Man to head there before we head off to dinner and lo and behold, we found diapers!!! I wasn’t sure if we were going to hit diaper jackpot, so I bought 2 packs of diapers (just in case).

IMG_8692I love Merries diapers for they are thin but yet ultra-absorbent. They are a tad bit more expensive here in Singers but over in Japan, it was pretty cheap. So I decided to pop them in our shopping bag since it’s a brand that we have been familiar with. I also got a bag of Moony diapers to try. Price-wise, they are the same as the Merries one. Quality wise, I must say, they are better than Merries. I’m pretty impressed with the softness and the fit of the diapers on Bubba. The elastic band is snug but not tight – a winner in my books. Also grabbed some Moony wet-wipes as we didn’t bring many with us and they are by far the best wipes we got. The wipes were really thin but yet soft and did a great job of cleaning up the mess.

Because we didn’t buy a lot of stuff during our trip and had excess luggage, I really wanted to buy more of these diapers to fill up our luggage. Unfortunately, we didn’t head back there and the other places (pharmacies/ supermarkets) didn’t stock these so I couldn’t play the role of a crazy Singaporean to bring back more of these Moony diapers.

Well, if we ever head back to Japan. I will get more of these. Else, I hear that they are stocked in Singapore over at Tiny Tree. I hope they will be stocked in our local supermarket soon as well. Fingers crossed!


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