Goodbye wheels..

Last weekend, our trusty Mom Mobile finally broke down on us. It was pretty dramatic actually. I was heading with Bubba to Church for a briefing. The car ride was probably less than 10 minutes from my mom’s place to church. Shortly after leaving my mom’s place, S started wailing in her car seat. I shrugged it off for it was a hot day and the air-conditioning in Mom Mobile was already acting up on us.

When we arrived in Church, we had to wait in line to park for mass has yet to end. We eventually made it into the church compound and all this while, Bubba was still screaming in her car seat. I tried to pacify her but to no avail, she wanted to be picked up like NAO. It was then I noticed smoke coming out from the bonnet. Damn, not a good sign, I thought to myself. I felt a little helpless and thankfully, the Warden helped me out. He guided me to a proper lot and then told me that the car had been leaking and the radiator is probably either trashed or over-heated. Sigh, me no understand car talk.

I quickly parked the car and rushed to attend to Bubba. Poor gal, when I lifted her up from the seat, she was drenched in perspiration. I hugged her and tried to calm her down before whisking her to attend the briefing. Thankfully, the room was air-conditioned, else I probably would walk out and not put her through the ordeal.

Had to also call the Man to rescue us and Mom Mobile for it was just parked at the Church compound. The Man drove it to the workshop while I baby-wore Bubba back to my Mom’s place. The next day, we received a quote from the workshop. To repair Mom Mobile would set us back by at least 2k. We decide not to repair it since our new set of wheels is scheduled to come some time in November.

IMG_9444We are currently car-less but it hasn’t quite stopped us from going out yet. We will just have to rethink logistics and I will baby-wear Bubba when we head out then. The carrier is a little warm but she does take her naps in the carrier so yay for that.

Now I’m just hoping that we get the car sooner so that we can be a little more mobile and go on more mom-Bubba adventures. Fingers crossed!


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