Best pals in the making?

Many have asked how has Sparky taken to Sophie. Some have even noticed the ‘disappearance’ of Sparky’s presence here and my IG feeds ever since Bubba’s arrival. They asked if I had neglected Sparky.

Truth be told, yes, while I haven’t neglected Sparky, but time spent with him has been significantly lesser. I feel bad that I no longer dish out hugs and kisses so readily because I hold on to Bubba more often. But she’s tiny now and in time to come, she will get used to him and then we can all dish out the hugs and kisses.

IMG_9226The initial couple of weeks were really tough on all of us. The presence of Sophie threw the family dynamics a little. Sparky would bark constantly when we were upstairs fussing over little human. He would also be very fascinated with her socks and often end up jumping at Sophie in an attempt to chew off her socks. She was so tiny then so we tried to minimise the contact with the both of them since he’s so huge.

IMG_9228Things have somewhat improved. She’s grown and we try to get the 2 of them to spend some time together on a daily basis. So before she takes her morning bath, we will get Bubba to pet Sparky or to lie on him just for him to get used to her and vice versa.

IMG_9234It will take a while before they become best pals but we will get there. I just hope Sparky will not get too jealous of Sophie and he will end up protecting her instead.


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