October’s Vaby Box

Guess who was thrilled to receive this month’s Vaby Box?

IMG_9220And rightfully so for this month’s Vaby Box contained most of the stuff that Bubba can use.


Here are the items that was tucked inside the Vaby Box:

  • The Q10 Skin : A premium Peppermint essence that’s made of pure beeswax which can help numb the area to stop itch and can also be used to clear any nasal congestion. What I like about this is how small it is, perfect to tuck inside my diaper bag and for any unforseen medical emergencies. (1 piece at S$5 / bundled pack of 6 pcs at S$24 and 10 pcs at S$40)
  • Summer Citrus 5X Dishwashing Liquid by IDOCARE : Love how compact this dishwashing liquid is which is perfect for our next family getaway. One thing I learn about traveling with babies is that you will also need to pack a gentle dishwashing liquid to be used for washing of  their bottles plus my breast pump. What’s great about this product is that it can effectively remove the grease from the bottles and yet gentle on my hands. Ever since Bubba’s arrival, I have kinda neglected my hands for I find it a little too troublesome to moisturise my hands and then carry her. So this product is ideal and not add on to drying of my skin. The price of this product is also pretty attractive at 500ml per bottle for only S$6.95.
  • Everyday Head to Toe Cleanser by Bud Cosmetics: A cleanser that you could add to your baby’s bath or simply on a wet-towel to wipe baby down. I used the latter option instead as Bubba takes one shower a day and does a wipe-down in the evenings. Love the soft scent from this cleanser that lingered on Bubba as we wiped her down and put her in her jammies, all ready for bed.
  • Hiruscar : I’m so prone to scaring and keloids so I’m pretty intrigued with this product. Perhaps those keloids that I had with my previous op with soften and smoothen out with this gel. Well, one can only hope that this works.
  • Boony Baby Diapers : Never quite heard of this brand of diapers but don’t mind trying it out to see if it’s absorption of urine is good. Price-wise, it’s one of the lowest that I’ve seen in the market at S$12.80 for a pack of 36 to 58 pcs depending on size of diapers. That is cheap right?
  • Nuturmeals (Scrumptious Squash-flavour) : In preparation for Bubba’s journey into solids! Not sure if this will actually taste any good but I guess if I mix it up with breastmilk and use it as a spread on breads for Bubba, it may work? Well, let’s see.. will update when that happens.
  • The Playhouse S$5 food voucher

I’m having a lot of fun testing out the products tucked in October’sVaby Box and you can also do so by signing up as a member. Remember to also like them on Facebook to find out more about their shopping deals. 🙂


Note: Lady J’s musings received the Vaby Box for the purpose of this review and no additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products.

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