Why you no sleep….

IMG_9323It’s amazing how little sleep Bubba can survive on.  I know this because sometimes I do spend 24 hours a day with her and I can just keep track of the amount of sleep that she takes in. She’s currently undergoing Mental Leap 4 and I wonder whether it has something to do with the leap. But regardless of whether she’s undergoing this developmental leap, she has been napping rather poorly these couple of days. Sigh.. shouldn’t babies be sleeping like ALL.THE.TIME?!?

So when friends tell me how their babies have been sleeping 5hour stretches through the night or how they can fall asleep on their own, I can’t help but feel happy and superbly envious of them. I long and hope for the day that Bubba can do the same.

And yes, we had grand plans – for Bubba to sleep in her cot, in her own room. But circumstances got the better of us and we all ended up in the same room. Yup, she sometimes end up on our bed too because I am simply too tired to put her back into the cot after nursing her at times. Well, it’s certainly not the situation that we planned on having. Some friends asked why in the world did we do what we did. Sometimes I feel kinda judged but then again, she’s our child and honestly, we don’t have to answer to anyone why we do what we do.

All babies are wired differently and we do our best to structure a schedule for her that will hopefully set the foundation for better sleep days ahead for all of us. Some days, it works where she will just fall asleep but some days she puts up a fight and it can take about an hour before she drifts off to slumberland. But I’m hopeful. Slowly but surely, we will get there. Next step for us? Sleep training.. watch this space or please do share any tips if you have.


3 thoughts on “Why you no sleep….

  1. csary says:

    I am guilty too of baby end up sleeping with me. I mean practically right beside me. Haha. The plan was to have him sleep in a cot. But he was waking like 2 hours every night initial months. So I gave up and he ended up taking half of my queen size bed. While my hubby sleep with the elder 1. Haha. Not the best scenario. A lot of parents frown upon. But that work well for us. Hee. I just tell myself. Yeah how i wish he sleep through too. The nights seem long but the years are short. So treasure these co sleep moments with them. Before we know it they are all grown up.

  2. Alicia says:

    You’re so right. Don’t feel bad when other people pass their judgements. It’s your child and everyone thinks their own parenting method is best. It’s just frustrating when those self righteous people rant on and on.

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