Mummy’s gals

IMG_8975It’s nice to spend the last week of my maternity leave with one of the days with my Mom and sisters. So we kinda made a little song-and-dance out of it and headed for a chi-chi high tea in town.

IMG_8973I don’t always spend a lot of time with my sisters and my Mom but ever since Sophie’s arrival, family outings have become way more chaotic but also a lot more loving. It’s nice to see my sisters, my Mom and Dad showering their love and attention on Bubba and for my nephews to act all lovey dovey around her when we spend our Sundays over at my parent’s place.

IMG_8977I’m also very grateful that Mom is also able to look after Sophie exclusively at least one day of the week when I head back to work. Growing up, I’ve never been close to my maternal nor paternal grandparents, but I had a lovely network of aunties and cousins that I grew up with. So I want Sophie to be able to experience growing up with grandparents, aunties as well as cousins.

It’s true what they said. It takes two parents to produce a child but it takes an entire village to raise a child.


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