Letter to Sophie x 4

IMG_9080Dear Bubba,

And just in the wink of the eye, you are now 4 months old. Wow.. all these monthly letters that I write to you just goes to show how quickly time just pass by and how quickly you are growing.

Loads of stuff took place this month. Well, probably because I know I am heading back to work, I try my very best to spend most of my days with you. We took our first family holiday and spent loads of time together. Before your arrival, Daddy did say that when you turn 10, then you will be able to go on a holiday with us. I’m actually glad he didn’t stick to this ‘rule’. The family holiday was great, not that you will be able to remember the holiday or what you did with us. The important thing is that we manage to spend all this time together with you. Watching you sleep, wake up and amusing us with your coos-and-gaahs. Those moments are etched in our memories for now. I hope we will be able to take another holiday with you in a couple of months time. Perhaps a beach holiday and we can bring you swimming proper?

IMG_9075At about 4 months, you have also hit your baby development milestones: rolling over, holding up your head steadily, bringing your hands together and holding your rattle. You also like to stare at lights and will turn your attention when there are sparkling lights or towards the telly. No TV for you for now, young lady! Tsk..

IMG_9069You’ve also taken an interest to soft toys and textures. Although you don’t hug on tight to your Jellycat toys yet, but you do love hugging them to sleep. I kinda long for the day that you will hang on to your Jellycat Bunny everywhere we go. That will be kinda cute actually.

IMG_9062Mummy is still waiting for the day for you to sleep through the night. Some say that their babies have already slept through the night or some babies would only wake up for one feed in the night. As for you, you are still waking up about 2 times a night. Thankfully, Daddy helps to do the midnight feed and I then take over the graveyard shift but please do try to sleep more. It’s amazing how little you nap when we are at home. Like right now when I’m typing this post to you, you are just by my side looking at the light emitted from my laptop refusing to go to bed. I can count the number of hours that you napped the entire day, my little Energizer Bunny!

Oh and you recently found your voice and learned how to scream! It’s kinda scary because you now show your displeasure by scrunching your face and screaming loudly with big fat tears streaming down your face. Let’s see how you will fare with this. Please don’t make it a habit.

Alright, gonna finish this post now for I gotta make you sleep for you are busy rolling on our bed and making those grunting noises.

Know this my darling gal, Mummy loves you very much! Looking forward to creating more adventures with you, Bubba!

xoxo: Mummy


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