Talk about timing..

Well, I think this could only happen to me!

My first day back at work and I thought I did pretty well. Went into the office, password to PC expired so got that sorted out and was rock-and-rolling emails and tried to get up to speed with work. Missed Bubba loads but am thankful for technology and the peektures of her happy face that kept me going for a good part of the day.

IMG_9151The Man was really sweet too! Sent me these flowers as an encouragement to keep me going. I hadn’t imagined easing back into work to be a breeze so am thankful for whatever support that was given to me personally and at work with understanding colleagues.

IMG_9152I mentally prepared to schedule at least 2 pumping sessions back at work so as to keep my supply going. The first session went well. When I did my second session, I realised to my horror, the LCD screen on my Medela Freestyle Pump froze. The usual timer on the clock no longer worked and in place, numerals zero filled the screen. My heart sank! I simply couldn’t afford to have my one and only pump breaking down on me at this point in time!

I called the Medela Service Centre in Singapore and hoped that the problem could be rectified by a simple reset of the button. But sigh, it couldn’t. Apparently, it’s an LCD display issue and when I asked how long must I leave the device at the service centre, I was told it could be ready within 30minutes to an hour. Ok great! But, I had a full day tomorrow at work (Wednesday) and can’t send the device in for repair all the way in Toh Guan (Jurong)! Sigh!

Thankfully, a cry of despair sent to the Man and he is going to help me to sort this out. We decided that we will just a courier to help us run the errand on Thursday.

Like I said, this can only happen to me! Sigh…  I just hope the device will go on working tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed please!!!

Update: Medela has given me a new device since the device can’t be repaired.. all’s good I hope.

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